Suzuki Katsuaki
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Western Name: Katsuaki Suzuki
Eastern Name: 進来 勝飽
Kana Pronunciation: すずき かつあき

Gender: Male by the dictation of society (and actually 'either')
Age: 22

Release Date: December , 2016
Group/Team: A組 (Team A)

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Technical Details

Voiced by: akiVinz
Managed by: akiVinz, 「A」ちゃん

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Voicebank Distribution

Suzuki Katsuaki おしゃべり (Normal, Side A) : WIP
7-mora VCV | Multipitch (D#3, G3, C4) | G2-B4
BETA RELEASE (includes G3 pitch only)

Suzuki Katsuaki 唱歌 (Normal, Side B, VCV) : Currently recording
Suzuki Katsuaki 地元 (Filipino, CVVC) : Currently recording

Suzuki Katsuaki 努力 (Falsetto, VCV) : Planned
Suzuki Katsuaki 逝けメン ("Ikemen", CVVC) : Planned
Suzuki Katsuaki 英語 (English, VCCV) : Planned

Terms of Use

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Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 170cm

Weight: 57kg

As part of the Team A UTAUloids, he is roughly based on his voice provider, akiVinz.

OCCUPATION: Programmer, Freelance Illustrator
LIKES: sleep, seafood, food, potatoes, games, drawing, pranking, reading western comics and manga, classical music, ice cream, dark chocolate, geometrical shapes, well-developed characters, plants, his hair
DISLIKES: standing up, vegetables, social events, stuffed toys, revealing clothes, smokers and drunkards, nicotine and alcohol, ants, poorly portrayed cliche plots, working, his hair
CHARACTER ITEM: Fox Mask Keychain, potatoes


「寝るよ。」 / "I'll sleep."
「進来 勝秋。 二十二歳。 社会によって指示されたように男性。 と、人間じゃなくて、ポテトだ。」 / "Katsuaki Suzuki. 22. A male as society dictates. And, not a human, a potato."
「おい。 やめろって、 うっせぇ。」 / "Oi. I said stop it, you're noisy."
「なんでオレ? ルックスもねぇし、性格も悪ぃ、絶対0点な人間。」 / "Why me? I don't have the looks, a bad personality, an absolute zero-point human."
「Segmentation fault. データアクセスは禁止。 分かる?」 / "Segmentation fault. Data access is forbidden. You get it?"


Katsuaki's personality is based on his voice provider's. He can be introduced as 'a really weird hikikomori programmer who always seems mad at everyone, but not exactly'. He is generally in an unmotivated mood, giving out an "I-don't-have-hope-for-this-world-anymore" vibe or a more menacing atmosphere that makes other people avoid him. However, he is actually a friendly person beneath that don't-bother-with-me attitude, as proved by Matsuri. Ei also describes him to be 'lazier than thou but does something as long as you reward him greatly' and 'a greedy, sick, twisted, weird, random, very weird, sometimes noisy, sometimes quiet, really weird, rage-quitting guy', to which she could relate with. One defining weird trait of his is that how he would describe his… feces when he takes a dump. Katsuaki is a very humble person, never bragging about anything. Even though he tends to speak about random topics, he is actually very good at using his words in either sarcasm or manipulation, but rarely does the latter unless needed. He is also revealed to be a tsundere, which the Matsuri-Ei duo tease him about (also said that his older sister teases him about that, too). He often serves as the tsukkomi for Matsuri's and Ei's antics.


A college dropout turned programmer who made the AI-driven operating system, OSA (Operating System A). He apparently has a bad naming sense. He worked with his college friend Matsuri and his younger sister Ei for this project. As a homage to Matsuri who helped him with the code and bug tests, he based the AI on Matsuri's appearance, personality, and voice. Katsuaki later helped Matsuri in developing an AI-driven antivirus, who would be known as akiteru. He is currently developing a video game with the two, the group he then named as "A Team". Just to point out, he likes potatoes very much.
Katsuaki's singing voice sounds younger and livelier than he actually is, although he can sing in a lower, less enthusiastic tone akin to his talking voice. Although biologically male (and introduces himself as "a male as society dictates" (社会によって指示されたように男性だ)), he identifies as either gender, because he "doesn't belong to that society". Most people around him do refer to him as a 'he'. He also tells that if "that incident" didn't happen, he would've lived a normal life.


Suzuki Ei - Younger sister who he claims as the person closest to him alive. Dotes on her to no end. They claim that they know what the other is thinking in a telepathic manner. They share their weirdness often. He came up with Ei's nickname as "Datty" because of her laziness ("dara dara"; not "Daratty" because he claims it sounded too nonsensical, not that it was already too nonsensical to begin with).

Matsuzaki Matsuri - A college friend and close friend. He calls her "Acchan" due to a mistake in reading her name as "Atsuri" (her name was too unusual). After Katsuaki dropped out from college, Matsuri continued to communicate with Katsuaki and kept on being his friend. She also sought help from him for her thesis as she helped with the development of OSA. He is often the victim to Matsuri's fujoshi tendencies.

Suzuki Ritsu - His and Ei's younger brother. Not much is known, but they are said to get along well when it comes to playing games.

Suzuki Mitsuru - His older sister. Not much is known, but they are said to get along well.

Matsuzaki Shousuke - They don't know each other much. Katsuaki knows Shousuke as his kouhai and Matsuri's younger brother, although Matsuri likes to fantasize their relationship.

Leer Vertiner - They share the same voice provider. They really don't know each other.


  • Katsuaki is very much known for his bad naming sense.
  • Although he prefers to live a normal life, he'd love to live an extremely abnormal life.
  • He doesn't want to be viewed as a "good person" and would rather be seen as "the guy who does nothing good in his life".
  • He is also developing an RPG video game.
  • His last name Suzuki (進来) means "to come forward", and his first name Katsuaki (勝秋) means "victory" and "autumn". His name is based on the meaning of the voice provider's real name (their first name is revealed to be "Vinz", a derivative of "Vincent" which means "victory") and penname (akiVinz).
  • His online screen names are 秋っぽい (Akippoi) and Vinzき (Vinzki). He also uses various avatars.
  • Matsuri stated that if Katsuaki was in a BL series, he would be a riba as either a sadistic seme or strong-willed tsundere uke.

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