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Western Name: Nyakiloid
Eastern Name:
Kana Pronunciation: ニャキロイド

Gender: female
Age: 18

Release Date: May 10, 2016
Group/Team: muffic

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Technical Details

Voiced by: magic
Managed by: muffic

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Voicebank Distribution

VCV japanese (unreleased)
CV finnish. kinda. in progress.

VCV japanese multipitch under progress…

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Yes, but derivatives must be created with permission
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 160cm

Weight: 51kg

hair: blonde
eyes: brown
character item: muffin and her nyas
friends: Muffin
likes: muffins, dogs (ironically enough), heavy metal
dislikes: cat hair all over clothes

she lost her nyas. where are they.

she was on a journey to find her nyas again but accidentally ended up becoming an idol without ever wanting to become one specifically, but she doesnt complain. she still wants her nyas back though.

she's stubborn and doesn't give up at all. she dislikes being proven wrong. despite all that she is usually the general happy-go-lucky genki girl. she's a lesbian

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