Matsuzaki Matsuri
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Western Name: Matsuri Matsuzaki
Eastern Name: 松 麻都梨
Kana Pronunciation: まつざき まつり

Gender: Female
Age: 21

Release Date: December , 2016
Group/Team: A組 (Team A)

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Technical Details

Voiced by: 「A」ちゃん
Managed by: akiVinz, 「A」ちゃん

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Voicebank Distribution

Matsuzaki Matsuri おそい (Normal) : WIP
7-mora VCV | Monopitch (C4) | F3-F5

Matsuzaki Matsuri 椴 (Sweet Append)

Matsuzaki Matsuri カラカラ (Lower Pitch Append)
Matsuzaki Matsuri チョロイ (Higher Pitch Append)
Matsuzaki Matsuri 壱 (Dark/Soft Append)
Matsuzaki Matsuri 重視 (Power Append)
Matsuzaki Matsuri ENG (English Voicebank)
Matsuzaki Matsuri FIL (Filipino Voicebank)

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Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
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Character Details

Height: 160 cm

Weight: 53 kg

OCCUPATION: Web Designer & Developer
LIKES: reading novels, writing, yaoi, macarons, birds, coffee, milk tea, pudding, music (alternative rock, rock, pop, techno), seinen manga, spicy foods, nature, minimalism
DISLIKES: sardines, gore, the city, smoke, snakes, spiders, flying cockroaches, traitors, fake friends, that One Shot tag, thin clothes, bitter food, unsightly color combinations, Comic Sans and Bleeding Cowboys
CHARACTER ITEM: Dango and Honey Milk Tea


「彼奴はネコ、そしてあの人はタチ。 此奴はネコ… いいえ、もっとリバかしら。 うん、完全にリバですわ」 / "That guy is a neko, that other guy is a tachi. This one's neko… wait, more riba. Definitely riba."
「初めまして。 松 麻都梨ともします。 あたしは腐女子と言う者ですわ~」 / "Nice to meet you. I am called Matsuri Matsuzaki. I'm a person called a fujoshi~"
「ね、ねえ、 BLって知ってる? ベーコンレタス!」 / "Hey, hey, do you know BL? Bacon Lettuce!"
「女みたいな受けが何か嫌です。 ♂と♂をカップルすれば、二人は男になればいい!」 / "I don't really like ukes that look like girls. If one's going to pair a guy and another guy, both of them should definitely be guys!"
「彼氏? うふふ~ 秘密です~」 / "Boyfriend? Teehee~ That's a secret~"


Matsuri's personality is based on her voice provider's. She is a very outgoing girls who makes friends quite easily. She is also quite a blabbermouth. Katsuaki describes her to be 'very pushy, to the point that trying to push her away makes her push harder than a truck' and 'the reason for my current dismay'. Ei describes her to be 'quite the mouthful, but a really great comrade when it comes to teasing nii-san' and 'generous, unlike nii-san, and gives me food every time she comes here'. She is a person that rarely becomes stressed, as she has a very optimistic view on life and accepts things when they happen. She claims to be that kind of person who wants to make the best out of everything.


A very open fujoshi who works as a web developer. She works with Katsuaki in developing OSA and the antivirus program akiteru. She provided the voice for the AI in the OSA, SystemA. As a web developer, she has a stable job in an unnamed agency. Ironically, she is not very much in touch in the internet despite being a web developer herself. This is because she has known how the system operates that she couldn't help but lose interest in it. However, she was an internet freak before college. In her free time, she goes to anime cons and BL cons.
Matsuri loves to sing and is really good at it, but never liked attention. She sings openly around people she knows.


Suzuki Katsuaki - A close friend she met in college. Also the prime victim for her fujoshi tendencies.

Suzuki Ei - A friend she calls "kouhai". They often share anime, manga, and food. Also often attempts to pull her into the fujoshi world, and fails just as often.

Matsuzaki Shousuke - Her younger brother. Not much is revealed about him, but it is known that he is also a victim to Matsuri's fujoshi tenedncies.


  • Matsuri's name is based on the Osomatsu-san series, as it is her voice provider's favorite alongside Durarara!! and Haikyuu!! Osomatsu-san is also the basis for her VB appends names.
  • Also, she tends to ship the people she know more than random strangers, to Katsuaki's dismay. Her most favorite real-life ship is still ShouKatsu (Shousuke, her younger brother, and Katsuaki) and actually wishes they were gay for each other. Katsuaki is very distressed about it. In addition, her favorite slash ships are KaraIchi and JyushiIchi in Osomatsu-san, ShizuIza in Durarara!! and AkaBoku in Haikyuu!!
  • Like her voice provider, she is a writer and loves watching light novels. Her favorite authors are Narita Ryohgo and Aneko Yusagi, with her respective favorite light novels Durarara!! and Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari.
  • She has her own pixiv account, but keeps it a secret.
  • If she were a guy, she would waste no time to make Katsuaki hers, but does not feel any romantic attraction to Katsuaki as she is now. Still, a lot of people assume they're dating.

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