Eli(sabeth Ao Mugen)
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Western Name: Elisabeth Ao Mugen
Eastern Name: エリザベート青無限
Kana Pronunciation: erizabe-to ao mugen

Gender: female
Age: 10

Release Date: January , 2008
Group/Team: KATAloid (カタロイド)

[* Official Site]

Technical Details

Voiced by: KATA (カタ)
Managed by: KATA (カタ)

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Voicebank Distribution

PAGE CURRENTLY IN THE MAKING - Missing Information will be added at a later point.

General information/description of Eli's voice
Eli is a female, childish, happy, and clear voice.
This bank is exaggeratedly voice acted to sound like a kid and functions as Kyuuyou Chuudokus child version.
Therefore, its characteristics will overlap with those of KY’s bank. Differences can be found in tone and pronunciation,
being overall brighter and whimsical in nature (noticeable by Elis heavy lisp). The bank is meant to work with uplifting
and sweet songs as the voice carries an innocent vibe. However, there is also a possibility for creepy-esque usage, as
heavily accentuated kids voices can also create unsettling contrast in scary mediums. Elis higher notes should transport
a sweeter character, while her deeper ones are more pressing.

But beyond this description, you are of course free to test her out and experiment with all sorts of melodies (as long as
you do it morally upright). Maybe you’ll find some new discoveries/something that works while tuning her, that I haven’t
figured out yet. If you wanna, you can even make her sing “Wellerman” (for whatever reason) at -E#17 –
but keep the rum away from her, as she is underage.


Voice: エリ / Eli - DEFAULT

Reclist, Range, Technical properties:
VCV with CVVC support
Optimum Range: G3~G4 / around 120 BPM
Logical Range (as depicted by UTAU): G#2~D6
Freq avg : 279.2 Hz (C#4)

Kana aliased

Files: 755
Voices: 5095
Size: approx. 400MB

Description, Download:
4-Pitch VB recorded in: G3, B3, D4, F#4 (In the chord G Major)

This is Eli’s Standard VB/Set of voices.
The Mood/Append reflected in this bank is her go-to/neutral singing voice.

This voicebank includes extras & add-ons.
Further information can be found in the "readme" file.


Voice samples - DEFAULT VB

Voice: Standard Singing Voice - Solmization
Sample: FILE

Voice: Talk bit
Sample: FILE

Voice: Talk bit #2
Sample FILE

Voice: Example Sample
Sample: FILE

For any questions, contact me here: moc.liamg|63diolatak#moc.liamg|63diolatak

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Forbidden
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Yes, but derivatives must be created with permission
Click here to view the terms of use for this UTAU.
[* Click here to view commercial license info for this UTAU.]

Voice Sample(s)

Character Details



Catchphrase: “Nii~ Nii~ purē-sasetekure! (にい~にい~プレーさせてくれ! / Brother~ Brother~ Let us play!)”
- Princess Elisabeth occupying her busy brother.

Eli (エリ) is a voicebank for the UTAU program.

Profile information

Height: 1,40 cm / 4' 7" ft

Weight: 31 kg / 68 lbs

Ethnicity: N/A

General information

Actual Introduction/Release Date:
(As wikidot does not allow me to enter the correct data)
Birthday: January 4 (Capricorn)

Affiliation: KATA (カタ) (concept, art, technical design - creator)

Language: Japanese

Reclist - VCV
Range - Mezzo-soprano”ish”
Optimum: G3~G4 / around 120 BPM
Genre - cutesy songs (bubblegum pop), children’s music

Eli's Webpage


A girl gleeful and carefree.

Eli is a vortex of pure joy. Rarely referring to herself by her full name, as she is too
occupied with various other things in her mind. Speaking out “E-li-sa-beth” seems too
much of a hassle to her, especially when she is on the lookout for a new activity to
pursue. The bubbly girl is the second child of the aristocratic Ao Mugen family but does
care little about her noble duties. When being told to study or to pay attention to her
etiquette, she rather turns back to playing again.

Much to the discontent of her parents, in particular her mother. Her brother Kishin
however, doesn’t mind her playful nature. More than that, he even supports it, for which
he receives a lot of love from his little sister. The siblings used to have music lessons
together, where they would sing their hearts out. This has changed however, ever since
Elisabeth has reached her adolescence. The once lively and loud child started to turn more
and more silent. Till she eventually disappeared, making her family question where she went.

The girl no longer enjoyed to sing. She could not sing happy songs with a heavy heart.

  • To learn more about Eli, visit her WEBPAGE. [2]

Etymology details - Interpretation
Name: エリザベート青無限 – Elisabeth Ao Mugen
エリザベート / Elisabeth (Erizabe-To) – God's promise
青 / Ao – blue
無限 / Mugen – infinite

"God's Promise of the Infinite Blue"

Type: UTAUloid (ウタウロイド)
and KATAloid (カタロイド) in reference to the creator KATA (カタ)

Character details
Description: A healthy and energetic girl with light skin and medium long, grayish
light brown hair, bound to two twintails. She has clear green, emerald-like eyes. Eli is
seen smiling most of the time and can barely hold still for even five seconds. It’s always
made sure that she looks neat and tidy, especially when her family is expecting guests.
However no one can promise that she won’t just randomly jump into a muddy puddle,
once everyone else got ready for dinner.

Outfit: Eli loves daisies, therefore she always sticks one into her left twintail
whenever she gets the chance to do so. Most of the time the girl wears a Prussian blue
dress with ruffles around the chest area, combined with a purple bolero-jacket.
For footwear she prefers her blue ballet flats, as one can just jump into them and run
ahead instead of tediously tying something up. Elisabeth does not really care about
wearing jewelry. She thinks it’s pretty but does really annoy her while playing.
The only accessories she actually likes are her sapphire necklace and bracelet,
as they match her brother’s garment.

  • For more details regarding Eli’s appearance, please take a look at her reference sheet linked below (Gallery).

Likes: flowers, butterflies – all animals in general, sweets, music, running around,
being the center of attention, laughter and smiling people, following her dreams, her big
and amazing brother
Dislikes: dispute, being scolded, when she can’t get another piece of cake, bedtime,
when everything is too quiet, when there is nothing fun going on, big brother not having
any time to play with her, other people getting too close to her big brother, mother…sometimes.
Item: Daisy
Biggest Dream: Becoming everything at once.

Kyuuyou Chuudoku – who is now her / fellow KATAloid
Kishin Ao Mugen – fellow KATAloid and (even) older brother

- When Eli grows up, she wants to become a singer…a professional dancer…a builder…a
baker…a gardener…a vet…a fashion designer?…Basically everything at once.
- Eli loves her big brother veeery much! So much, that she promised to marry him one
day and therefore no other princess is allowed to do so!

[1] Please note that the configurations, frq.files and .wavs of my
banks are a work in progress. The oto.ini has been adjusted for 1 Pitch and copied for the
others, so there will be deviations. You are of course free to make any adjustments
yourself to improve your experience. Otherwise you can also just let me know if there are
severe issues.

[2] Eli's personality traits and story do not have to be followed when covering songs or making original songs.
You can go as far, as just treating her as a mere voice or even create variations of her.
However, derivatives of my characters need my written approval.

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