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Western Name: Mokamo Ekiguchi
Eastern Name: 喪火盲易口
Kana Pronunciation: もかもえきぐち

Gender: Male
Age: A child.

Release Date: June 8, 2016
Group/Team: Bengal Studios

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Technical Details

Voiced by: fikacchi@dN
Managed by: huehuehuebuu

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Voicebank Distribution

Voice Information

Range (recommended): D3-E4
Genre: Rock, Pop synth, Anime/Vocaloid
Language: Japanese
Pitch: D4
Supported resamplers: utaugrowl (resampler_ug/exe), fresamp14
Default character flag: Y20H40


Ekiguchi is still under oto revision. Please contact the creator for a download link if you wish to use them.


JP CVVC (monopitch)

Terms of Use

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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details



Species: Vocalis devius paellicius (UTAREN Furry)
Prototype/Model Number: P2000-Hw
Height: 1.25 m
Weight: 18 kg, but adds gravity pull when charging magic.
Likes: Dark magic, puppetry, heavy literature, sadness
Dislikes: Everyone and everything else, smiling, bullies
Handheld item: Mokamo, the possessed scarf and parka
Exit/Birth: ???

Eki isn't very fond of sharing attention, mostly because he seldom gets any during his first years of life. This envious little Ren had involved himself in things that he shouldn't have touched — puppetry, Zabatan dark magic, Edgar Allan Poe— since he was brought in. Refusing to let anyone else in, singing sad songs every day.

Some story points:

  • It is unknown what kind of treatment that he received beforehand that turned him so glum. He refuses to open up to anyone other than [| Kenji] 's brother back in the day.
  • Since he was brought in, people gave him an adoptive name (易口 (eki guchi)= mouth of fortune) in hopes to fix his destructive demeanor. He is the longest Ren villager to stay.
  • There was once a huge debate in the Ebisawa family of whether Eki is a cat, wolf, or fox; the only existing furry types in the village. But Eki himself states that he's a puppy (dog).
  • Eki doesn't have real magical abilities until finding Mokamo. By default, he is only able to perform telekinesis with the body he's built with. At the same time, he only shows his furry form when not wearing Mokamo.
  • He then adopts the village's Zabatan puppetry as a media for his powers.
  • He still attends school, and often gets bullied for his loner attitude. The only person who stands up for him is [| Tokofe ], which he gladly manipulates.
  • He is not afraid to destroy your property if it touches a 1 meter radius. It seems that he's afraid of physical contact, too.
  • Eki decided that Tokofe pesters him for too long, so the pay would be copying a better voice module with his magic. Now they share the same voice, with Eki using only the lower octaves. (That being said, Eki is his own character due to the story line and isn't considered a derivative.)

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