Aoyoru Kagayaki
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Western Name: Aoyoru Kagayaki
Eastern Name: アオヨルカガヤキ
Kana Pronunciation: Aoyoru Kagayaki

Gender: Female
Age: 16

Release Date: June 26, 2016
Group/Team: Singroid project (VCV and later voicebanks)

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Technical Details

Voiced by: MMDMariaxx on DeviantART
Managed by: MMDMariaxx

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Voicebank Distribution

The only voicebank currently available is her CV, her VCV and other voicebanks such as her English voicebanks and her Append/Act 2 voicebanks will be released in the future.

EDIT 2016/06/27 BY CREATOR

The rules have been changed; Aoyoru's Japanese Act 1 CV voice bank has been released to the public yesterday, and the link to the release video can be found here;
Her VCV bank is currently in the process; and her English VCV and CV VC banks are also being planned out and should be released by the end of 2016 or early 2017.

EDIT 2016/08/24 BY CREATOR

Aoyoru's VCV and VCCV English banks are in the recording stage. her CV VC English bank may not be created at all; but it is possible. Her design has also changed, and she will also become a Singroid for UtauRueCross's Singroid project. An Italian voicebank is also being planned, but may not be available until 2017.

EDIT 2016/12/09

Aoyoru's VCV bank is beginning to be oto'ed. Her VCCV English has been recorded and oto'ed, but will be re-recorded due to microphone complications. Her Sweet Append bank is fully complete and will be released on her first anniversary. The link to her first bank has been taken down due to ongoing Utau theft; please contact me on DeviantART (MMDMariaxx) for her download. I am nearly 88% sure I'll start recording an Italian voicebank for her, so fingers crossed!

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Not Required
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Yes, even to derivatives created without permission
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 5'3 (5'4 as of December 19, 2016)

Weight: 50kg

Aoyoru Kagayaki was created in December 19, 2015, and was officially released to the public on June 26th, 2016 (Her Japanese CV bank). Her Act 2 voice bank should be released before the end of 2016 along with Shio Karai and Kimi Mikazuki's Act 1 voice banks.
2016/08/24 - Her VCCV English bank will be available before December hits, along with her VCV.

Her voice is purely her creator's, and her notes starting with "R" and her "U" vowel are very strong due to her creator's Italian accent. Her "S" notes are very realistic, and she is very clear and doesn't sound robotic in any way. Her clarity does create problems when using flags; flags that work extremely well for other Utauloids such as the Y0H10 flag make her sound bad, and finding a flag to make her sound softer/a little whispery can be a huge challenge yet it is possible, as heard in her cover of "So I can be with You". Using flags with her isn't really recommended unless you actually know and have experience in choosing flags suited to voice. Songs with explicit lyrics/content are allowed, and do not require permission. She can be used for commercial use; but permission is needed and a strict criteria must be met for it to be allowed. Going into the voice files are forbidden under any circumstance, and pitching/creating other Utauloids using her voice is also forbidden, since that has already been done in the creation of Shio Karai and Kimi Mikazuki.

She dresses in Lolita clothing, but in more specific, Gothic Lolita. Her character item is a black traditional Japanese fan, with ribbons on the sides that she carries around with her. She covers her mouth and most of her face with the fan in pictures, and when casually standing. She has black swirl designs around her eyes, and has one blue and one green eye. She uses a green rose eyepatch to patch her blue eye, but might use a blue eyepatch to cover her green eye on certain days/ for certain outfits or if she feels like it. Despite her sassy and dramatic appearance, she's very kind and helpful, yet has very bad temper. She becomes violent when angered; but only rarely. When she's usually angered she goes from sweet Lolita girl to a yelling and demanding monster. She enjoys singing and reading; along with writing haikus and drawing and painting Japanese flowers. Her favourite flower is a white rose, but she also likes black roses (even though they're not naturally occurring), and also seems to like going for walks. She dislikes a range of things; from being a picky eater to even going as far as hating a certain object in a certain colour. She likes Japanese sweets and pastries, yet dislikes extremely spicy dishes and dishes with too little salt in them. She hates loud noises and people, and absolutely hates people who don't think about her actions due to the incident involving her different eye colours. She can be very judgemental, and sometimes acts like she's the princess of everything. It's been thought that Aoyoru is actually Bipolar, which explains her sudden changes in behaviour, but it hasn't actually been confirmed yet.

The story with her eye colours involved her boyfriend, Shio Karai. While taking a walk, he told her that he doesn't like the colour blue and can't nearly stand it. She became depressed and was immediately scared; since that was her eye colour and she could be very clingy and in need of Shio. Instead of getting contacts, she went straight to changing her eye colour permanently. While changing her right eye from blue to green, she was in extreme pain and almost couldn't handle it, therefore she never changed her left eye to blue like the right and instead covered it with a rose eyepatch the same shade of green as her eye. The next day, she has practically in tears as she hung onto her boyfriend. Shio immediately felt guilty; though he said he hated the colour blue, it was really a joke and wasn't expecting to see the love of his life do something so drastic for him. In reality; he loved looking into her soft blue eyes, but that could no longer happen because of his stupid mistake. Despite being very violent, She instantly forgave him, since she loved him more than anything in the world. Aoyoru was determined to go through the pain to change her green eye back to blue, but Shio immediately told her not to, because he didn't want to see her in pain and because his feelings for her wouldn't change because of something like her eye colour. From that moment forward, her green eye serves as a lesson and a bittersweet reminder about the consequences of your actions.

2016/08/24 - Her design for her VCV and English banks has changed.
She now wears a cage-like black tanktop with a puffy lolita-style neon green skirt, striped stockings and black booties along with a belt with green beads at the end. her eyelashes now have swirl designs to match her makeup, and she wears a headband/headset with a green rose and some beads. Her sleeves have ribbon designs, and match her skirt. She also wears a ribbon choker.

Her fan is still the same; but it's now green and black with designs to match her sleeves.

EDIT 2016/12/09

Her design for her Sweet Append is as follows;
She wears a fluffy loli-style skirt along with a long sleeved button-up shirt. She has kept her arm warmers and striped stockings, and now wears flats. She has a long tie that acts as a mixer, and her hair bows are speakers + certain aspects of her design light up. Congrats to Lxwliet for winning her design contest! (See last image for design)

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