UTAU created by members of the VIP board on 2ch. Often, but not always, prank-Vocaloid-turned-UTAU, examples including Kasane Teto, Namine Ritsu, and Yokune Ruko.

They are sometimes referred to as "VIPPERloids" or "VIPPERs".

Current VIPPAloids

*重音テト Teto Kasane

*欲音ルコ Ruko Yokune

*波音リツ Ritsu Namine

*ルーク Rook

*櫻歌ミコ Miko Ooka

*健音テイ Tei Sukone

*日本鬼子 Oniko Hinomoto

*轟音ネロ Nero Go-on

*愛野ハテ Hate Aino

*寿音つる Tsuru Kotone

*[ISISちゃん ISIS-chan]

*[エルサレム・狂和音・ノースシーロード Erusalem Kuruwane North Sea Road]

*[スコット Scott]

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