Natsuko Yokomane
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Western Name: Yokomane Natsuko
Eastern Name: 横間音ナツコ
Kana Pronunciation: よこまね・なつこ

Gender: Female
Age: 18

Release Date: March 1, 2013
Official Site:
Group/Team: Team-Y

Technical Details

Created by: Zekei-Y
Voice Source:
Derivative Type: Genderbend
Flag Settings: g-15
Other Technical Details:

the wiki wont let me put the voice source so -_- here it is:

Derivative Status: Created by voice-source owner.
Please see voice-source UTAU's page for applicable Terms of Use.

Character Details

Height: 5 ft.
Weight: 100 lbs

Sexuality: Bisexual

Voice Range: A#3~C#5

Function: Acts as a circus performer.

Genre: Cute songs/J-K Pop

Has a crush on: Danso Noizu

Character Item: Circus Hoop

Catch Phrase(s):
"Hot baby HOT!."
"Ladies and gentlemen, the queens here!"

Likes: The circus, Circus-P, Sailor moon

Dislikes: Homophobic People, Male dominance

PERSONALITY: Very much a tom boy. She is very solo and freelance but is also loyal and loving. She has the tendency to be cross and cold in the face of betrayal.

Natsuko Yokomane is a member of the Yokomane Family.

It is a big family, with 9 members:

Nikita Yokomane [ 横間音二キタ ] (First Yokomane Created) (15) (Voicebank is done)(will get a V2 and a WHISPER append, NIGHT append, and a POWER append)

Ibiko Yokomane [ 横間音揖斐こ ] (34) (Voicebank in Done)(will get a V2;No appends planned yet)

Anita Yokomane [ 横間音兄た ] (10) (Voicebank is done -> G-flag -20 from Nikita Yokomane)

Kowakuyu Yokomane [ 横間音怖区湯 ] (the pervy grandpa) (100) (Voicebank in progress)

Ichipan Yokomane [ 横間音位置パン](16) (Voicebank is done) (Voicebank => pitch from Ibiko Yokomane)(will get a V2;No appends planned yet)

Kabu Yokomane [ 横間音株] (6 months old) (the Yokomane pet) (Voicebank is done)(Might get a V2;Not Confirmed)

Akyura Yokomane (18) (CV Voicebank is done) (CVVC English Bank Planned, No estimated date)

1 Yokomane (Boy) [ 横間音1 or 横間音一 ] 2 Yokomane (Girl) [ 横間音2 or 横間音二 ](Both Voicebanks in progress} *These characters are twins*

Hakita Yokomane (Voicebank in progress)

Everybody is permitted to add their UTAUloid to the Yokomane family tree.

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