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Western Name: KUBIKO SHUNE
Eastern Name: 首こ主音
Kana Pronunciation: くびこしゅね

Gender: Female
Age: 11

Release Date: June 7, 2012
Official Site: http://yukaiutau.wikia.com/wiki/YuKai_UTAU_Productions_Wiki
Group/Team: YuKaiUTAU Productions / YuKailoid

Technical Details

Created by: KaiSuki
Voice Source: KUBI SHUNE
Derivative Type: Genderbend
Flag Settings: g-19
Other Technical Details:

KUBIKO isn't by default, to get KUBIKO's voice you will need to change the genderfactor with g-19.


ACT1 Please read the info above ^ before downloading the voicebank.
The voicebank is encoded in Hira and Romaji.
Updated Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?1abfgdiyarz3xa5
This is a double pack, and includes both MEGAne & KUBI SHUNE's VB.

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/482lxabtzimjvvp
This is a double pack, and includes both MEGAne & KUBI SHUNE's VB.

Tsukema Tsukeru →

Curse of Dust →

CV + VCV Playlist →

Derivative Status: Created by voice-source owner.
Please see voice-source UTAU's page for applicable Terms of Use.

Character Details

Height: 4'5 / 1,35m
Weight: 38 Kg

Young but clever. KUBIKO may be a child but she knows what is right and what is wrong.
She is calm and doesn't want to bother people when they seem busy.
However she IS of course very playful, being a child and loves to make new friends.
She looks up to her best friend Ne and acts like a baby chick around her, always following her around holding onto her clothes.

Nashi pears, pancakes, board games, thunder & fruit.

Socks, false people & being belittled because she is young.

KUBI SHUNE - Older brother, looks up to a lot.
■ NE - Best friend, thinks of her as a sister. Looks up to her.
■ MEGAne - Thinks of him as a brother.
KAI KIM - Close friend, she enjoys playing with him.
■ Yuett Egao - Close friend, she likes playing with her too!
KaiKai Kim - Looks up to and thinks of her as a mother.
■ Youe Egao - Close friend, he reads to her.
■ Iak Yukai - Very good friend.
■ Ouy Yukai - A very nice but a little scary!
■ DaiOuji - Close friend. She thinks he is very cute.
Haruka Orenji - Close friend.

■ Hates when people wont explain things to her because she's young.
■ She looks up to her brother and takes after him in many ways.
■ Unlike KUBI, she is not a tsundere though.
■ Her dress is actually made by KUBI and she wears his old coats.
■ Loves it when KUBI goes "MOE". Then makes fun of him.
■ Like KUBI she always keeps her neck covered.
■ She can take shampoo in her eyes like a champ!
■ Prefers boardgames over videogames.
■ Is very talkative.

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Image by KaiSuki (Outfit for Tsukema Tsukeru)

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