Anita Yokomane
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Western Name: Anita Yokomane
Eastern Name: 横間音アニタ
Kana Pronunciation: よこまね・あにた

Gender: Female (She/Her)
Age: 10

Release Date: October 8, 2013
Official Site: http://-
Group/Team: Yokomanes (Team-Y)

Technical Details

Created by: Yokomanes (Team-Y)
Voice Source:
Derivative Type: Other
Flag Settings: g-20
Other Technical Details:

Anita Yokomane is a derivative of Nikita Yokomane. You can download her voicebank here:
As stated, Anita is achieved by applying the g-20 flag to this voicebank.
Example can be heard here:

Derivative Status: Created by voice-source owner.
Please see voice-source UTAU's page for applicable Terms of Use.

Character Details

Height: 124 cm
Weight: 29 kg / 63.9 lbs

Anita Yokomane is a younger sister to Nikita Yokomane, as well as their other siblings. (Further Info on Character)
- - - - -
Anita Yokomane [ 横間音アニタ ] is a member of the Yokomane Family.

YOKOMANE FAMILY (Retired ~2016):

It is a big family, with 14 members:

Nikita Yokomane [ 横間音二キタ ] (First Yokomane Created) (17) (Voicebank is done)

Anita Yokomane [ 横間音アニタ ] (10) (Voicebank is done -> G-flag -20 from Nikita Yokomane)

Budo Yokomane [ 横間音葡萄 ] (14)

Hakita Yokomane [ 横間音ハキタ ] (15) (Voicebank is Done)

Akyura Yokomane [ 横間音アキュラ ] (24) (Voicebank is done) (V1, V2, and V3 Done, VCV + Whisper VCV is Done)

Kowakuyu Yokomane [横間音怖区湯 ] (the pervy grandpa) (100)

Kabu Yokomane [ 横間音カブ] (6 months old) (the Yokomane pet) (Voicebank is done)

Ibiko Yokomane [ 横間音イビコ ] (7) (Voicebank is done)

Ichipan Yokomane [ 横間音イチパン ] (21) (Voicebank is done -> G-flag -20 from Ibiko Yokomane)

1 Yokomane (Boy) [ 横間音ワン or 横間音1 ] (15) (Voicebank is Done)

Rikiru Yokomane [ 横間音リキル ] (18) (Voicebank is Done)

Saruna Yokomane [ 横間音サルナ ] (78) (V1 Scrapped for quality issues) (V2 is Done)

Trixx Yokomane [ 横間音ツリクス ] (Voicebank is Done)

Matsuto Yokomane [ 横間音マツト ] (26) (V1 VCV/CV, Neo CV, and V3 VCV done.)

Avalon Yokomane [ 横間音アヴァロン ]

The Yokomane family has been retired since ~2016. Many of the voicebanks are no longer obtainable due to being lost. If you're able to find any online then feel free to use!

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