Yuri Tamaki
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Western Name: Yuri Tamaki
Eastern Name: 環百合
Kana Pronunciation: たまき・ゆり

Gender: Female
Age: ??? (presumably a teenager)

Release Date: September 1, 2016

Official Site

Technical Details

Voiced by: lunari162
Managed by: lunari162

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Voicebank Distribution

Recommended settings (flags, resamplers, etc.) are on the website. They can also be found in each voicebank's readme and/or usage guide.

Core Series
(normal tone)

Act1: Download
A CV voicebank recorded at A#3. Lower quality compared to Yuri's other voicebanks.

Core JPN: Download *beginner-friendly
A VCV voicebank recorded at F3, A#3, and D#4. Includes CV aliases.

Core ENG: Download
A VCCV voicebank recorded at G3, C4, and F4.

Core KOR: Download
A CVVC voicebank recorded at F3, A#3, D#4, and G#4. G#4 is a strong pitch.

-Quasar-: Download
A VCV voicebank bundle of Core V1.5, Core V1.4, and -Astra-. Includes CVVC aliases.

Stardust Series
(soft tone)

-Stardust- JPN: Download
A soft VCV voicebank recorded at C4, F4, and A4. Includes CV aliases.

-Stardust- KOR: Download
A soft CVVC voicebank recorded at F3, A#3, D#4, and G#4.

-Eclipse-: Download
A whispering CVVC voicebank.

-Luna-: Download
A dark VCV voicebank recorded at B3, D#4, and B4. Includes CVVC aliases.

Comet Series
(strong tone)

-Comet-: Download
A powerful VCV voicebank recorded at G3, C#4, and F#4. Includes CVVC aliases.

-Flare-: Download
An aggressive VCV voicebank recorded at F4 and A4. Includes CVVC aliases.

Meteor Series
(bright tone)

-Meteor-: Download *beginner-friendly
A cute VCV voicebank recorded at A3, E4, and G#4. Includes CVVC aliases.

-Astra-: Download *beginner-friendly
A singsong VCV voicebank recorded at B3 (C#4), E4 (F#4), and B4 (C#5). Includes CVVC aliases.

Nova Series
(experimental tone)

-Nova-: Download
An androgynous VCV voicebank recorded at D#3, F#3, B3, and D#4. Includes CV aliases and incomplete CVVC aliases.

-Umbra-: Download
A "growling" CV voicebank. (really just a failed screamo attempt)

Omake: Download
One folder of voice-acted phrases for each main voicebank's tone (Core, Stardust, Comet, Meteor, Nova; five folders total). Also contains a humming voicebank.

Other Downloads

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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 5'1 ft (155 cm)

Weight: ???

Signature item: lilies/rings
Anniversary: September 12 (the day her first cover was uploaded)
Fandom name: Stargazers
Catchphrase: "It's my turn to spread happiness!" (幸福を広める、わたしの番です!)

The following information is optional!

​Yuri tends to be shy around people she doesn't know, but she's trying to be more outgoing. She wants to be friends with everyone. She's impulsive, selfless, and easily confused; these traits have gotten her into trouble in the past, so she tries to think things through. (It doesn't always work.)
She worries a lot, but she keeps it to herself. Part of her goal of "spreading happiness" is maintaining a joyful image, and for the most part, she's perfectly capable of doing that. She believes in always working hard, possibly to her detriment.

She likes to list people's likes, dislikes, and other things she notices in a journal. Yuri says it helps her out when she's giving gifts to others. She's always willing to listen to what someone has to say, both to learn more about them and to see if she can help.

Her singer profile listed her age as 13 for several years because she forgot to change it. Nobody knows her true age anymore.

Favorite number: 88 (double-digits in general)
Favorite animal: birds

Likes: screaming, peace, sweets, stargazing/"skygazing", video games
Dislikes: her old catchphrases, loneliness, blood, extreme temperatures, things touching her head

- She loves screamo/metal songs.
​- She has absolute pitch.
- All of her outfits' rings are detachable. When attached, they can glow weakly or strongly.

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