Yuno Nio
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Western Name: Yuno Nio
Eastern Name: ゆのにお
Kana Pronunciation: ユノ ニオ

Gender: Male
Age: 18

Release Date: January 20, 2018
Group/Team: VoiceFace

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Technical Details

Voiced by: KLAZZY/Yuno SeeU
Managed by: VoiceFace

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Voicebank Distribution

Yuno's canon age was updated in his GALAXY append form 17 to 18.

Yuno Nio -pluto- Monopitch VCV:
Yuno Nio -vega- Masculine 2pitch VCV:
Yuno Nio -français- N/A


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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 5.0

Weight: 50kg

Yuno is an 18 year old effeminate man who cross dresses. He is often mistaken as female, which upsets him greatly when someone knows his true gender identity. Yuno enjoys singing, surfing the web on his laptop and baking, Yuno suffers from a form of severe social withdrawal, he has a difficulty forming emotional bonds to others after multiple Instances of his loved ones leaving him.

Yuno has 2 robotic bunny drone companions' "星" [Xing] and "兎" [Usagi], Yuno finds he communicates with them often but they cant talk so its often they will use expression's or strange sounds to communicate back to him, they are equipped to play music for when ever he performs music and can even become instruments, they are made by Robotics Company "VoiceRobotics".

Yuno loves Sweets (Candy, Jiggly Cheesecake, And Cupcakes are a few of his top picks)

His sign is a Leo

He is blind in the eye he covers

Yuno has a hard time expressing how he feels about topics that deeply effect him

Yuno is a reoccurring character within the SPUTAU universe. He is friends with Degirl and Umi. All three of them are in an amateur pop group that covers J-POP songs. His personality and design is different in SPUTAU as well. He is much like Degirl, strange, unpredictable and chaotic while forming various attachments to people he finds attractive.

Yuno can sometimes be in a state of delirium, especially when disassociating, he often hallucinates that the world around him will become a stage play as he is frozen not being able to do anything.

He has an attachment to Umi's father, Cloter.

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