Yuki Kwon
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Western Name: Yuki Kwon
Eastern Name: 雪권 / 유키 권
Kana Pronunciation: ユキ クォン

Gender: Male
Age: 20

Release Date: December 27, 2014
Group/Team: Project-KASSYD:TEARSZ

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Technical Details

Voiced by: Julia Parissien
Managed by: FMARocksSoMuch

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Voicebank Distribution

All of my UTAUloids have now been privatised; please contact me directly if you would like me to give you Yuki's voicebank.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jessica.tomey.7
Email: ku.oc.liamtoh|yemot_d_j#ku.oc.liamtoh|yemot_d_j

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Forbidden
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Forbidden
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Forbidden
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Derivatives of any sort are forbidden
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 4'11"//150cm

Weight: 95lb//43kg

Hair: Long, Straight, Silver-grey hair with a stylised fringe and a "Hetalia South Korea" curl; Hair Plaited and tied at the end with a white hair tie.
Eyes: Heterochromia; his right eye is Turquoise, his left eye is True Blue.
Color Scheme: Blue, Silver, Black, White.
Neck Wear: None.
Arm Wear/Nails: One, white arm warmer like sleeve with a power gauge on it (looks like a blue light bar). White coloured nails.
Trousers: White to Blue gradiation Shorts, Army/Capri Shorts, 2 front pockets, 2 back pockets(I haven't drawn them but they look like normal Jeans back pockets), and 2 side-of-leg pockets.
Headphones: Looks like normal, round headphones, black with a circle of white in the middle and a blue light ring in those circles on the sides, microphone on right side of his head.
Birth Marks/Other Stuff: Snow flake birthmark on right side of upper chest, 2 mini jack cables wrapped around his left wrist that run into his body via his forearm like "veins". They can be plugged into computers, audio players and, with a mini jack to 1/4 inch jack adapter, they can plug into Stereo Speakers.

Likes: Bubble Tea, Slush Puppies, Icy weather, Chocolate, Winter, cold drinks, Daisuke, all things fluffy and soft! ^w^ Including Daisuke's hair… AND Sonny's Ears and Tail…
Dislikes: Being alone, too much heat(Summer), foods that are too Spicy or hot(heat), pain(of any kind).

Character Item(s): Bubble Tea and Slush Puppies of any flavour
Nationality: Korean-Japanese
Birthday: 11th September
Sexuality: Pansexual
Voice range: Sings: A#2-G5 (He can hit a C#6 with "a" and "ra" though)

PERSONALITY: Yuki is a shota, he's a shy boy, he gets embarrassed about some things, he's a shota, he acts like Sonny Belgrave's calm collected twin, he hates upsetting people, did I mention he's a shota..?

DERE TYPE: Dandere (He has a "Notice me Senpai!!" thing going on with Daisuke. Daisuke does notice, but teases a little bit… not much though; they're a bit lovey dovey…)

Family and Friends:
-Daisuke Jonetsune (Partner)
-Kosuke Jonetsune (Partner's sister/Friend)
-Angel Red (Friend)
-Sensei (…He's somewhat intimidated by this person..! He tries to get to know him though..! XDD)
-Sonny (Friend/…Fluffy Kitty Boy whose fur is really Sooooofffftttt~! X3 *thoughts that go through Yuki's mind whenever hes near those Panther Ears and that Tail*)


-Out of all of the UTAUs I own, Yuki is the 3rd MOST innocent. (1st is Angel, 2nd is Daisuke, 4th Sensei, 5th Kosuke and Sonny Belgrave is the least innocent)
-Yuki can control snow and ice. (like Elsa…..)
-Having this power causes his body temperature to be slightly colder that everyone else's; colder by 3°C.
-He has the number "03" on him located under the hair at the back of the head;on the base of the skull.
-Even though Yuki loves bubble tea and slush puppies, The ONLY flavours that he doesn't like are Ginger flavour bubble tea and Banana flavoured slush puppies. His absolute favourite flavours are Green Apple bubble tea and Blue Raspberry slush puppies.
-Daisuke X Yuki is a cannon pairing.
-Yuki's favourite animal is a bunny rabbit. ^w^

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