Wilbur Holly
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Western Name: Wilbur Holly
Eastern Name: ウィルバーホリー
Kana Pronunciation: ˈwɪl- bər- ˈhɑ- li

Gender: male
Age: 19-21

Release Date: November 25, 2017

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Technical Details

Voiced by: Ven, various guitars
Managed by: RaccoonButler

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Voicebank Distribution

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Regular Guitars + directions

Jazz Guitars


Regular Guitars + Mac directions



All VBs Combined: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-qWrGzIyNZqhmkCPAcAOUaYho1ebBtyn/view?usp=sharing

Includes normal, soft, and multipitch.VCV

Individual VBs and demos found here: https://utaforum.net/showcase/wilbur-holly.615/

Terms of Use

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Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 120 lbs (54 kg)

Likes: weird history, physics, staying organized, vintage soda, obviously guitar, saying things to people on the internet that he'd probably never say in real life, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Loves: 岩田大河(Taiga Iwata)

Dislikes: people not listening to him, family gatherings, anything gross

Wilbur is the president of his school’s Yearbook/Paper Club. He is known for being on the mean side and being really strict with deadlines/staying on task. This has earned him a reputation as a jerk, but he only acts this way because he believes in his fellow club members and wants them to work hard to realize their full potential.

He is very bossy and a stickler for cleanliness. He’ll do things like fix people’s hair/ adjust ties without their consent whilst scolding them.

He is very no-nonsense and quick to argue with people/contradict them, and deliver criticism even if it was not requested. Outside of managing people, he is rather socially awkward and people do not usually share the same passion for his weird interests (ex. Dancing Plague of 1518, Cell Theory, etc.).

He will talk extensively about things no one cares about before realizing no one is paying attention and getting embarrassed.

Wilbur is on friendly terms with the people in his club and also knows Tarou from school, but is not particularly close to either of them.

He became friends with Taiga when she was forced to help The Club as a form of community service. Though they initially disliked each other, they have a similarly brash sense of humor and she is the only one with similar interests and who willingly participates in discourse with him about such boring things. Because of this, they have grown very close.

He often scolds Taiga and discourages her from getting into trouble. Though she usually does not listen to him, he tends to tag along with whatever scheme out of concern. Even though he frequently gets irritated with her, he cares about her.

Taiga also brings out an often-overlooked competitive side to Wilbur, so often they act like rivals towards each other.

Wilbur comes from a wealthy family, however, he does not like to mention this to people and usually this comes as a surprise.

His interest in guitar typically comes as a surprise to people as well.

He is prone to overworking and being easily stressed out about things, often not being able to rest well until he feels that everything is perfect.

Wilbur also has trouble openly expressing feelings of friendship or affection and is rather guarded in these aspects. However, he is growing past this and allowing the more soft version of himself to show more regularly.


- Wilbur is ethnically Jewish by descent

- He tends to smell like freshly printed paper and new clothes

- He can reportedly hold his breath for as long as two minutes, because he “doesn’t care if he dies.”

- Wilbur prefers white pizza

- He owns a 1954 Buick Skylark

- Taiga’s motorcycle is a present from him

- He is extremely afraid of rollercoasters and plane rides, but he is too proud to admit

- Wilbur would really like to have a pet, however his parents hate animals so he is not allowed

- Wilbur is far sighted. His glasses make his eyes appear smaller most of the time. This sometimes makes it hard to see that they are blue

- He only speaks English conversationally. He does not actually know any Japanese, nor is he particularly interested in Japanese culture. He just sometimes sings songs that are Japanese, asking Taiga for assistance on how to pronounce words.

- He is actually good at dancing, however he has never been given the chance to dance with anyone so nobody knows this.

- He is frequently compared to a frog

- He has vehement feelings about suspenders being the superior form of pants-holding appendage

- He is right handed

- Wilbur picks names for his guitars

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