Victor Emmanuel
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Image by NemyZilla

Western Name: Victor Emmanuel
Eastern Name: ビクトル • エマヌエル
Kana Pronunciation: びくとる • えまぬえる

Gender: Male (FtM)
Age: 16

Release Date: July , 2022

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Technical Details

Voiced by: NemyZilla
Managed by: NemyZilla

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Voicebank Distribution

Victor Emmanuel - (Work in progress - COMING SOON!)

-Technical details-

Type: Japanese VCV with English extras
Operating system: Microsoft Windows
Recommended resamplers: TBA
Recommended flags: TBA
Range: TBA
Files: TBA
Voices: TBA
Artworks folder included
4 breath samples

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Forbidden
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Derivatives of any sort are forbidden
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 162 cm/5'4

Weight: 55 kg/121.2 lbs

-Character Info-

Name: Victor Emmanuel
Age: 16
Gender: Trans male
Pronouns: He/Him
Nationality: Italian
Occupations: Artist, part-time lab assistant
Sexual/Romantic orientation: Demisexual and panromantic
Favorite color: Green
Date of birth: 25th of February, 20XX
Voiced, illustrated and created by: NemyZilla


Working as a professional daydreamer, Victor is an eccentric artist with a passion for sci-fi, action and horror stories. He tends to get easily distracted by his own thoughts, so people have to repeat themselves a lot when talking to him. His favourite thing to do is drawing but he always ends up procrastinating, even on what he likes.
He has a great (and somewhat dark) sense of humour, though he does not like socialising and prefers to stay alone instead. He loves anime and manga, especially those with lots of big badass swords, and hates sports and school.
Victor is also Dr. Vertigo V. Marchesini's lab assistant. He really likes experimenting with weird chemicals he finds in the lab, often without Vertigo's permission. He spends a lot of time practicing his evil laugh.


Victor is a name of Latin origins which means "conqueror", while Emmanuel is a Hebrew name which means "God with us".


Victor is always seen wearing fashionable clothes, as he really cares about his looks. He wears a checkered gilet over a white shirt, black pants and socks, black shoes with a flame motive and a purple watch. He also wears black round-framed glasses.

Body type - Average
Skin colour - Tanned
Hairstyle - Short, messy asymmetrical hairstyle
Hair colour - Dark brown
Eye colour - Dark brown


Do NOT claim the voicebank/character/artworks/story as yours.
Do NOT edit OR trace any artwork contained in the folder.
Do NOT edit OR pitch any sample contained in the folder to make a new voicebank.
Do NOT use this voicebank/character in any offensive way.
Do NOT use this voicebank with a remade character design too different from the original one. This is to avoid confusion.
Do NOT roleplay as this character, unless you have permission from the owner.
Do NOT redestribuite this voicebank, unless you have permission from the owner.
Shipping art/covers/etc. are NOT allowed without permission.
Fanart and fan wikis are fine and permission is not required.
R18 is fine as long as you have permission from the owner.
You can edit the configuration file, but you need permission in order to share it.

-Contact the creator-

Email: moc.liamg|allizymen.www#moc.liamg|allizymen.www
Twitter: @NemyZilla
Discord: NemyZilla#4713
SoundCloud: NemyZilla
YouTube: •NemyZilla Official•
DeviantArt: NemyZilla
FaceBook: Vittoria Marchesini (Vitto)
Instagram: @NemyZilla

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