Tarou Iwata
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Western Name: Tarou Iwata
Eastern Name: 岩田太郎
Kana Pronunciation: たろ ・ いわた (ta - rō - ee - wa - ta)

Gender: Male
Age: 18

Release Date: July 29, 2016

Official Site

Technical Details

Voiced by: RaccoonButler
Managed by: RaccoonButler

encode0.png alias3.png config2.png

Voicebank Distribution

Old CVVC VBs are aliased in both romaji and hiragana.

Demos for each VB here: https://utaforum.net/showcase/tarou-iwata.308/

Regular VB:
Link: https://mega.nz/#!ldBSVI7K!ZnVf9rExFD_g077Zb2UXNuqEiPUFdiYXFK-rlh9DDp0
Demo: https://soundcloud.com/raccoonbutler2/tarou-iwataleia-pianorock-arrange-vershort
(Younger voice, Japanese CVVC, Bipitch, includes Puberty bank as an append, configured by kimchi-tan)

Puberty VB Standalone:
Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=14q-FKFGRr-Ir6T96Z9A0IXuI-9zruLEA
Demo: https://soundcloud.com/raccoonbutler3/windows-compatible-vb-releasetarou-iwata-the-kind-of-but-not-an-adult-append
(Soft, slightly older voice, Japanese CVVC, includes English extras, monopitch)

Teen Angst VB BETA :
Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1geClkOeDDtjoS2Q0w--LyiqgFJrQyBov/view
Demo: https://soundcloud.com/raccoonbutler3/tarou-iwatapapermoon-soul-eater-op-2vb-updatereleaseust
(Slightly older voice, Japanese CVVC, includes English extras, Beta is currently tripitch, includes WIP Screamo VB)

Old VCV Vbs

Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QGfKRu501CWNrC3rOzaLy919AUB80FCrQg5hvnSOcps/edit?usp=sharing
Demo: https://soundcloud.com/raccoonbutler2/a-vcv-tarou-vb
(Meant to imitate the Puberty VB, Japanese VCV, monopitch, password no longer required to download)

Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QGfKRu501CWNrC3rOzaLy919AUB80FCrQg5hvnSOcps/edit?usp=sharing
Demo: https://clyp.it/gj5ctwff
(Meant to update Teen Angst VB, Japanese VCV, four pitches, password no longer required)

New VCV VBs (can be found on the site: https://ask-iwatas.tumblr.com/voicebanklinks)

Sacrilege VB
(Remake of OwO, Japanese VCV, Eight pitches, E3, G3, C4, D#4, G#4, A4, B4, D5) and Power Falsetto (E5)

Light, happy, "princely" tone. Meant to have a double range.
(Five pitches: F3, A3, D4, F#4, A4)

Flustered (BETA):
Soft, “shy” tone. Something of an updated version of Versailles.
Currently a work in progress.
(Six soft base pitches: E3, G3, C4, E4, G#4, A#4 and one bright pitch: C4
When finished, will have the same number of bright pitches as soft pitches)

Old English Voicebanks (Can be found on the site): https://ask-iwatas.tumblr.com/voicebanklinks

Tarou ENG Arpasing:
Stronger tone. Inflection meant to imitate that of early 2000s angsty emo boybands. Five Pitches (G4, D4, B3, G3, F3)
(in beta, mostly unfixed moresampler oto, may have other errors) Flags used by me: C100B0Y0H0

Tarou ENG Gentle:

Soft tone. Append for the normal arpasing VB but works as a standalone as well. Four Pitches (F3, A3, E4, A4)
(in beta, mostly unfixed moresampler oto, may have other errors) Flags used by me: C100B0Y0H0

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Not Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Derivatives of any sort are forbidden
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 5'6" (167.64 cm)

Weight: 135 lbs (61.24 kg)

Birthday: October 10th

Likes: "making friends with other people, spoopy things, Halloween, conspiracy theories, alien movies, making people happy, his family, cute things, glow in the dark things (like plastic vampire teeth), blueberry flavored things (because he thinks they're "rare"), peanut brittle, DRESSING UP AS VARIOUS TYPES OF PRODUCE, cooking, 逆さ 指揮 (Sakasa Shiki),"

Dislikes: " making people angry or unhappy, swingsets, getting hurt, being lied to, when his friends or family are hurt or unhappy, not having enough money to buy people presents, crocs, papercuts, making fun of people, george bush doing 911"

Personality: (Note: You may, of course, completely disregard his personality when covering songs.)

Tarou is usually pretty happy go lucky, optimistic and friendly to people. He's easily hurt but also easy to cheer up. Due to his innocence, trustingness and tendency to want to please people, he gets taken advantage of and pushed around lot.

He's generally bashful but also very oblivious, so a lot of the time he doesn't see when he's doing something embarrassing or embarassing others. He can also be slow to catch innuendos or times when someone is insulting him.

Though he is actually very clever and can draw smart conclusions very quickly, he trusts the word of other people over his own and wants to please others more than he wants to be correct. As a result, he tends to second guess himself and make dumber decisions when around other people.

He also has blindly strong faith in others and can purposely overlook when someone is being blatantly mean to him out of trust that they’re a good person.

Tarou is always trying to make people laugh and smile and is always seeking others’ approval. As a result, he is very susceptible to peer pressure and can end up doing stupid or embarassing things just to amuse people. He is prone to making a lot of jokes and bad puns and is usually seen as the clown or jokester in a group of people.

He's really interested in paranormal and conspiracy theory stuff (aliens, MKUltra, murder, that kind of thing), even though he is easily scared. It's basically Halloween every day with him. He doesn't like the concept of scaring or tricking people, though, so much as candy and 2spooky monsters.

He always wears those glow-in-the-dark vampire teeth because he's lame.

Since he's so oblivious, he gets in people's personal space pretty often (he's not trying to be perverted, he's just a huggy touchy person) and accidentally makes them uncomfortable. He isn't afraid to show people affection, including through physical contact. His conversation topics of choice can unintentionally creep people out (ie. Government figures secretely being reptilian shapeshifters).

Though he is an extrovert, he is very socially anxious and has trouble keeping friends because of it.

He has a twin sister named Taiga. He always trusts, encourages and thinks the best of her, despite the fact that she is always causing trouble and treats him badly. He also has a younger sister named Cranberry, who he tends to spoil with affection and presents.

Tarou also spends much of his time with Sakasa Shiki, normally showing her things about human culture (though it mainly tends to be Tarou showing her current memes, jokes, food and bringing her out to places that they find fun. Mainly, he wants to wants to spend special time with her and do his best to make her happy, semi-excusing it as teaching her about human culture)


- He is also secretly very scared of going on the swings in public playgrounds, and can't swim.

- Tarou can hold his breath for 15 seconds on average. Reportedly though, if Shiki told him to hold his breath for whatever reason he would do so "until he passed out."

- He is seen as being very accident prone. He often trips, falls, and drops things, which is why he regularly has scrapes. Shiki tends to be inconvenienced with having to rescue him from clumsy near death experiences. People usually don’t entrust him with carrying things. This has reduced slightly, however, since he has worn his glasses.

- Tarou is near-sighted and has glasses (which contributed to his clumsiness) , but didn’t usually wear them unless in business or school settings out of insecurity, and was too afraid to use contacts. However, after some encouragement from Shiki, he wears them on a more regular basis.

- Tarou is very good at remembering things. Usually, he remembers important dates and birthdays of his friends so that he can give them presents. (Though what Tarou counts as an “important date” is not always a relevant event to his friends. Ex. “Anniversary of The First Time We Walked Down This Specific Street Together.” His sentimentality can sometimes be mistakenly viewed as stalkerishness)

- Tarou wants to be a teacher when he grows up

- The animal Tarou is typically associated with is a bat

- Tarou considers his BFF to be Chris

- Tarou considers Chris to be his wokest meme friend and sometimes tries to quietly model his “coolness”

- Tarou’s hair is naturally soft and scruffy, however he fixes it up so that people might think he’s cool. It can be speculated that he is modeling Chris’s spikiness.

- Tarou plays the Ukulele

- Tarou is ambidextrous

- Tarou suspects that Michael Jackson did not really die and only faked his death to escape his life of fame.

- Tarou is trans

- Tarou dots fake vampire bites on his neck with sharpie

Tarou's related characters and friends can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18wb6bj2HQ7AhRQjaT6z2hy9mBqWtYlwrSRRD-3ujRIE/edit?usp=sharing

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