Taiga Iwata
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Western Name: Taiga Iwata
Eastern Name: 岩田大河
Kana Pronunciation: たいが ・いわた (tai - ga - ē- wa- ta)

Gender: Female
Age: 18

Release Date: December , 2017

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Technical Details

Voiced by: RaccoonButler, Kuro Cure
Managed by: RaccoonButler

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Voicebank Distribution

Originally voiced by Kuro Cure until RaccoonButler was able to create a feminine voice and as a result has two tones, depending on the user’s preference


Original Tone

- Normal VB (Pouty inflection, Natural tone, CVVC, Monopitch):

Demo: https://soundcloud.com/raccoonbutler2/taiga-iwatautau-windows-compatible-release-vb

Link: https://mega.nz/#!2kYm2JKR!46WTjguaz9befxcwI-s3KkZV1oqULyta01CyZRD3cRs

Alternate Tone:

- Alt Taiga 2.5 (In Beta. Smiley inflection, Singing tone, CVVC, Both Hiragana and Romaji Aliases, Three base pitches (F#4, C4, F3) and a falsetto (A4)):

Demo: https://soundcloud.com/raccoonbutler3/important-utau-vb-updatedissolving-girlshortalt-taiga-iwatavb

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12P3EU6JaKhTia21Kvx6JwOvnPZqt-gT9/view?usp=sharing

New VCV VBs (Can be found on the site): https://ask-iwatas.tumblr.com/voicebanklinks

Taiga High Voltage VCV:

Solid tone, Playful Tone
Four base pitches (A4, F#4, C4, G3, F3) Two shouting pitches (A4, F#4) and a soft (G3, C4, C5)

Taiga Danger VCV:
Standalone version of the soft append. Four pitches (C5, C4, G#3, F3)

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Not Required
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Not Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Derivatives of any sort are forbidden
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 136 lbs (61.69 kg)

Birthday: October 10th

Likes: Engineering. Cars, Motorcycles, laughing at people, Winning, being the best, Space, Go-Kart Racing, arguing with people, playing pranks on others, doing stuff she’s not supposed to, Nuclear Physics, World Domination, rejecting people, watching things explode, Astro Boy

Dislikes: Losing, The state of Oklahoma, not getting what she wants, people being better than her, being ignored, being emotionally invested in anything, being told to do anything, needing help from other people, not being the biggest roblox baddie in the room, consequences

Taiga acts like a bully and is snide and aggressive to people who don’t deserve it.

She tends to make cruel jokes about others and disregard their feelings, though sometimes on accident. She's not a very good sport and will normally not hesitate to cheat or step on others to get ahead.

Taiga is very stubborn and it’s difficult to make her do anything she doesn’t want to.

She is averse to taking criticism, having a “my way or the highway” attitude. Most people view her as a delinquent, mean girl or troublemaker.

Though she acts mean and makes fun of others, it is really just a front to cover up for her own inadequacies. She does act sweet to some people (or really like, one person) given the chance to become secure around them.

Because of her brash way of acting, most people dislike her or give up trying to be friends with her. As a result, she is bitter and condescending to others, acting like she is too good for anyone, as a way to defend herself from rejection.

Taiga is constantly getting into trouble due to her mischievous nature.

Along with coming up with plots and pranks for general mischief, she has an interest in engineering and is very skilled in building machines.

She often likes to build goofy, supervillain-esque contraptions that usually serve some inane purpose, usually to spite someone.

(ex. A machine that turns everyone else at a party boring so that she’s more exciting by comparison).

Taiga has had a dream of World Domination for some time, and without any close friends, this was her main focus.

However recently, after making more friends, her priority of this goal has shifted and she has focused less on her “supervillain” pursuits in favor of hobbies she enjoys with others like pranks, sports, innocent scientific ventures and motorcycles.

Taiga was once very close to her brother Tarou, who she felt was the only one understanding of her and who she could depend on to always be there.

However, Tarou slowly grew into separate friend groups as he branched out to hobbies she didn’t understand/participate in, as well as most of Tarou’s new friends disliking her.

Taiga attempted to stop Tarou from “abandoning” her by being disapproving of his hobbies and discouraging of him making new friends.

However this only served to push them further apart as well as cause Tarou’s friends to view her negatively. Because of this she feels her brother has “betrayed” her.

Most of Taiga’s acquaintances from then on only liked her for her looks or wanted something out of her, and though she is very cynical, she invited these interactions out of a craving for validation.

However, as a result of one of her mischievous plots, Taiga was forced to help Wilbur’s school Paper Club as a form of community service.

Though Taiga initially hated Wilbur for his persnickety nature and argued with him due to their conflicting stubbornness, the two grew to understand each other and realized that they have similar interests as well as a similarly brash sense of humor.

WIlbur often scolds Taiga and discourages her from getting into trouble. Though she initially interpreted this as condescending, she grew to understand it as a form of affection and now welcomes it.

Taiga also tries to encourage Wilbur to take breaks and have more fun rather than overwork himself and takes advantage of his concern to make him tag along on whatever scheme she has planned so he can have fun.

They are also both very competitive and sometimes act as rivals towards each other.

In this way, Taiga feels he is able to “keep up with” or understand her and trusts him as the closest person to her.

Taiga also developed a sense of camaraderie with the other people in The Club, as they were also mostly delinquents forced to do a sort of community service.

In this way, Taiga has found her own friend group where she is comfortable enough to be sweet and playful in a way that most people don’t see.

Though she is initially very guarded, when Taiga feels she can trust someone, she is actually very openly loving and will also tease them in an affectionate way.

Her usually bullying nature becomes more “big sisterly.”

TLDR: She is a problematic bitch but she’s working on it


- Taiga is often compared to a koala in her appearance

- Taiga initially refused to get a job, however with some encouragement from Wilbur she has gotten a job she enjoys as an Auto Mechanic

- Taiga’s motorcycle is a 1948 Sportster

- Taiga can hold her breath “out of competitiveness/stubbornness” for 1-2 minutes

- Taiga is right handed

- Taiga’s favorite pizza is apparently “whichever has the most meat on it”

- Taiga liked the minions before they became a cringey thing and she collected the McDonald’s toys. She’s internally a little sad at the evil they’ve become

- Taiga sometimes writes things she wishes she could say to the people she loves in letters before reading them over, getting embarrassed, and throwing them away

- Taiga’s made contact with aliens several times before on a narrowband radio signal but they just ask her in binary code for nudes so she’s decided to never let the people of Earth speak to them

- Taiga sometimes likes to keep ant farms

- Her motto is reportedly, “I can do it myself!”

- Taiga has a terrible sleep schedule and is often up at night. Subsequently she hates mornings

- Taiga loves when fights break out. She’s usually the person placing bets and shouting “KICK HIS ASS”

- Taiga is trans

Taiga's related characters and friends can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-CFknnh38wsFrqUYzfZ7WHzJYoKGyYYFNU-bMwHc8hY/edit?usp=sharing

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