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Image by つくえ (Tsukue

Western Name: Suranki
Eastern Name: スランキ
Kana Pronunciation: スランキ

Gender: Male
Age: 38

Release Date: June 21, 2011
Group/Team: Kudamonoya (Fruit-Store)

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Technical Details

Voiced by: つくえ (Tsukue)
Managed by: つくえ (Tsukue)

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Voicebank Distribution

All voicebanks are currently down.

CV 2.0:!xMtlASSB!P20FFHvCFupKgF7t32_yDTjm2xaQ6t--LnVboQF0-R4
VCV 2.0:!4N9CBCAC!bZyn9WSn9bF2Isox88LlWrpyUUcS2XqRysplaOaF9t0
Alternate VCV:!lR9RmLCB!baLKIbHfVrRhFrOk_KnyNLnZAZtt19hqkn-1Tbd0D3I

Soft CV:!FE0lxbjT!sq_a8W3eqwBjKf2RfX0e0YOK_J3QAsWDaM8Gsa5jWNM
Whisper VCV:!VEExxaKK!KgCbDVtG78ZETlNVGE4rBOlJVppV1a6URbytakhOpdQ

Soft VCV:!4M1XXSgR!N4MfOQEOkWKMtVOHXlg7vBGjC3SosKY11zYqpbvM0do
Whisper VCV:!EVljGZgD!uQAurJxu7yN9EVQBezkJeBq9jZ8jgKL4l5glkHaShUg

X1 CV:!YcdVVQrQ!ewsPJ2H8sa36xb-JD_FJ0c8Q4ssEW1aGYySXJycYt4o
X2 VCV:!JN0iGQSY!EIz5qk0foR5FpcK4K6CRuWZ-fRFqmpfN-CSPwhSN7-0


Sla Tin Junsu:!IREQDQZD!XZACzZsCV4jirwveEHx5mD20LzkiEm0l-HgVrZAdAbo
Whisper CV 2.0:!FQE3SJYZ!gDmGxwE_9MXd-pMgLsRZNNQv5adsWQ3eWPRfnD7rZRA

-Adam- CVVC:!cIMEgRiZ!aYfkMV4xyM2qD1dwx0ja7W5Wr6T51-OUB9QC-P0Fs24
-Adam- Power CVVC:!5ZchjQTA!9aLNpL-_mv8kEwBgthpOmBPIC48Tc8oWsAtPVmbHcrM
-Adam- Whisper CVVC:!ZB1gDARZ!z-_H0nBfMF08AT5XVtl-1tm3nrM0l_1dBmT0wYCueOI

CV 3.0:!NRkzAbKD!fb8XeFPvjkRYAD5qW0m0Hdv_IP0tTT92cjPrrO4FZLU
Soft VCV:!wBUVnCCY!IR4MUYk9yAFe1cAZzkik1YOOeesLrXpt4lcGtBd-p3E
Whisper VCV Dark:!Zc91GKIB!wEgWYE8D7Ko0tCi9nTmbeytmYxd5Hm9s3PPiGHuC2OQ
Whisper VCV Light:!wVkUhZTJ!K1X8D8P5noAs3rKWMG2bbJZmaL9kdWZmECIUGy63pjk

Whisper CVVC:!QUETUTaS!px_m3ks76dHmHf2-1LQEqIgfoD1ykBH7z7kqrA9pR5w

CVVC Continous Call SMALL:!cMdAxAzK!HRhw5eYDKSBr7cf8xetwxObXsA3anQd4qXSxTKK6CL0
CVVC Continuous Call FULL:!gRcwALwR!kpcRhBv2EelE5gdNISY7g-Gwc8XMKwpSaG48pZWFXjk

-Hime Makura-:!dRVxHSZb!uCt2bZEcafQdsZf_0QcbevbdP7Ip4Am_DaeVmRdTqxY
-Tsuki Bijin-:!NAVR3KYT!KTrkvHODqYfsO6brmkkS-gO-SyCIqX1_THnt5TctFUk
CV 4.0:!5NskESBC!1t8IEDfCw-0JjRh9KlBf96ltYZxhlfo1OAxdCrgyy2c

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Not Required
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Yes, even to derivatives created without permission
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 181 cm

Weight: 5 watermelons (Self proclaimed)

Height: 181cm
Weight: ~5 watermelons (he assumes)
Occupation: Priest
Likes: Watermelons, watermelon related things, summer, the ocean
Dislikes: other melons, Insects, swimming
Special Skill: Living while keeping his eyes closed (monster power)
Hobby: Taking care of his home garden, collecting watermelons and other goods.

First Person Pronouns: 私(watashi)
Second Person Pronouns: 君(kimi)
Third Person Suffixes: ~ちゃん,~くん (-chan, -kun)
For Genderless Children: ~だよ,~だね,~でしょ (-dayo, -dane, -desho)

Suranki is a father(priest) who's obsessed with watermelons and always appears happy.
He pretty much only thinks about watermelons, but talking about melons is unpleasant.
He does things at his own pace, in a relaxed manner. He's not good at dealing with trouble.
Suranki loves nature, such as plants and animals. His instinctive reaction is to treat these things gently.

His eyes are almost always closed, and he can't open them myself. He only opens them when he's really furious.

Nearby the seaside-church that he resides in, is a watermelon field.
Suranki likes to sing while watching the sea… Not swim though, he doesn't know how to swim.
If you're a stranger and get too close to him, he'll feel too anxious to move. For example with Ulin and Bullard, who are friendly enough to receive -kun suffixes, but are strange to him.

His full name is "スランキ・イラ・カイツォン" (Suranki Ira Kaitson)
(TN: I don't know how his name should be translated to english.)

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Image by つくえ (Tsukue

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Image by つくえ (Tsukue

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Image by つくえ (Tsukue

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Image by つくえ (Tsukue

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Image by つくえ (Tsukue

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