Shippo Chikane
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Western Name: Shippo Chikane
Eastern Name: 誓音 シッポ
Kana Pronunciation:

Gender: female
Age: 18

Release Date: March 25, 2010

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Technical Details

Voiced by: EchoVoice713
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Character Details

Height: 155cm

Weight: ?

Hair color: Brown with a ponytail on the left side of her head.
Eye color: Blue
Nail Color: Deep Blue
Earphones: Green Headset with mic on right side (sometimes does not have attached mic and will instead carry a green mic around with her)
Clothing: Grey sleeveless shirt that stops before the stomach and continues with netting. Also has black pants, shoes, and detached sleeves with green trimming. Belt and Scarf/Tie match trimming. The belt buckle and scarf buckle match the headset but have gold trimming. A gold chain is attached to belt loop on left hip.

Shippo Chikane started off as a fan-made Vocaloid back in March of 2008 and went through several appearances changes since then. She did not even have an official last name until a few weeks prior to her release date.

Shippo is a bit of a narcissist for she spends a good majority of her time listening to herself sing while nonchalantly munching on watermelon (her character item). She comes across as harsh and rude (for she hardly ever smiles, only on certain occasions like when a more popular UTAU sings with her) and she’s fairly laid back while avoiding conversation with other UTAUs and Vocaloids all together. However, she does have her share of UTAU idols including Kenta Chikune and Ruko Yokune. Her lisp and occasional stuttering bothers her but her passion for singing overrides this factor.

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