Shiki Sakasa
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Image by Kuro Cure/Hello Chainsaws

Western Name: Shiki Sakasa
Eastern Name: 逆さ 指揮
Kana Pronunciation: さかさしき

Gender: Female
Age: ???

Release Date: April 18, 2017

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Technical Details

Voiced by: Kuro Cure/Hello Chainsaws
Managed by: Kuro Cure/Hello Chainsaws

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Voicebank Distribution


  • Powerscale type
  • Japanese VCV multipitch: A3, D4, D4 (soft), G4, C5, and C5 (falsetto)
  • Add-ons: 2 Growl pitches (1 CV and 1 CVVC), Vocal fry at A3
  • Features various omake samples

Voicebanks available for public testing:


  • Experimental emotional and powerful type
  • Japanese VCV multipitch: A#3, D4, G4, A#4 (incomplete), and C5


  • Powerscale type
  • English VCCV
  • Pitches: A3 (unrecorded), D4, G4, C5
  • 1 Edge pitch for VV

Terms of Use

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Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Not Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Not Required
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Derivatives of any sort are forbidden
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 4'11" / 150cm

Weight: 60 lbs / 27kg

A lifeform of unknown origins. Of her Alice in Wonderland themed series, she is the White Rabbit.

Shiki almost never smiles, as she is always serious. She gets along well with others, though they complain that she's rather boring. Always taking care of responsibilities, she never gets around to explore her surroundings, making her a bit uninformed of the surrounding culture.

Likes: quiet places, looking at the sky, cooking, cleaning, gardening, spending time with people she values, the arts, singing, 夢色刃先 (Yumeiro Hasaki, cousin), 夢色シオリー (Yumeiro Theory, cousin), 岩田太郎 (Iwata Tarou)
Dislikes: loud noises, immature behavior, laziness, lack of cultural exposure, ignorance, rudeness, spitefulness, unkind behavior, feeling alone


  • Shiki almost never smiles
  • She seems to be trying to learn about modern culture from Iwata Tarou
  • The horns on her head behave similarly to ears, and allow her to hear very well; they can move and change positions
  • Shiki is able to affect the force of gravity on a small area around her, but doesn't often do it
  • She is able to walk on surfaces like walls or ceilings with ease
  • She is able to run at a top speed of mach 2 (her endurance is much better than Theo's)
  • Shiki is responsible for caring for Hasaki and Theo; she is extremely protective
  • Due to her rough past with humans, Shiki is very distrustful of humanity and prefers to keep her distance
  • Even if she dislikes the person, Shiki dislikes being unkind towards anybody

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Image by Kuro Cure/Hello Chainsaws

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