Setsuen Arashi
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Western Name: Setsuen Arashi
Eastern Name: 嵐雪炎
Kana Pronunciation: アラシセツエン

Gender: Male
Age: 17

Release Date: October 10, 2022
Group/Team: Vyro Virtual Singers

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Technical Details

Voiced by: 炎上悪魔
Managed by: 炎上悪魔

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Voicebank Distribution

This voicebank is still in development and will have many other voicebank types and languages. Voicebanks go from old to new order and all voicebanks can be downloaded on the website.

嵐雪炎β: Quadpitch-G#3, D#4, F#4 and Falsetto. Also has extras like vocal fries, high notes and growls.

嵐雪炎_キレ音源-G#3, D#4, F#4, B4. Also has extras like vocal fries, growls, glottal stops and extra recordings.

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Not Required
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Yes, but derivatives must be created with permission
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 5'6

Weight: 120 lb

-Name Meaning: Snow Flame Storm
-Birthday: June 6th
-Height: 185.42 cm
-Weight: 54 kg
-Genres: Rock, Jpop, Kpop, Electronic
-Age: 17
-Species: Demon
-ID#: 666

-Likes: Anime/Manga, Singing, Playing Guitar, jamming out, Sweets, Cats & Dogs (he can't choose between cats or dogs), roller-skating, ice-skating and skateboarding.

-Dislikes: Being told what to do, being bothered when he's doing something important, Toxic/Rude people, being alone.

-Abilities: Able to generate faster than human but has its limits. He's able to sense other inhuman beings (Such as Kemonomimi's). He's also able to generate white flames (When he uses his demon power, the flames turn white) however he wants. Setsuen can also generate his weapon however he pleases.

-Weapons: A luminous blood drenched katana. He used that exact weapon to kill his loved ones.

-Eye Color: Left is red with icy blue pupil, Right is icy blue with red pupil.
-Hair Color: Black with icy blue ends

-Hobbies: Watching anime/reading manga, hanging out with friends, discovering new things, buying weird stuff and drawing.

-Personality: Setsuen is a calm young man with a bright future ahead of him. He has a desire to share his voice with the world and would give everything to do so. He's very friendly, but very naive. Rarely does he ever act mature/serious, but when he does, it's really dangerous to be around him. He is very stubborn, especially when he is trying to play video games or watch anime. He has a dark side he usually doesn't show to most people, but when he does- RUN. He tends to have a hard time forgetting his cruel trauma.

-Lore: It is up to the user, though 炎上悪魔 does have their own lore in mind. If you want to hear it, just ask them.


1. Setsuen has two horns on his forehead. Hana-Chan forgot to draw them, but I will remind you that he does have some. When he is in demon mode, those horns will turn red. It is up to Setsuen whether he makes the horns flames or not.

2. Usually when people first meet Setsuen, they think he is blind due to his eyes being light colors, but he is not blind.

3. Setsuen's ears are VERY sensitive to loud noise. His headphones where specially made to filter the loud noise so it's quiet.

4. The antenna's on Setsuen's headphones are speakers. He can use his mic if he needs to get loud or when he wants his voice heard from a far.

5. Feng Tian Yinyue and Setsuen Arashi are voiced and owned by the same person.

6. Hanaki Yuri and Setsuen Arashi's voice providers are siblings.

7. Setsuen's apperance was made to be more masculine, but his voice had a young tone just to be unique.

8. Setsuen's favorite species of Cats is a Calico while his favorite species of Dogs is a Husky (Alaskan or Siberian)

9. His mother is Satan herself in which she is very powerful. When she left the underworld, her powers weakened, but Setsuen had proven to be more powerful than her even in the human world.

10. When Setsuen gets stressed or very bummed out (depressed), he often tries to harm himself. He says that it doesn't matter if he does since, he can regenerate, as long as he can still feel the pain.

11. Setsuen's regenerative abilities will weaken if he gets hurt back-to-back to back, making that ability get slower until it just stops. If he heals all the way before that point, it'll basically recharge until he gets hurt back-to-back to back again.

12. The weakest spot on Setsuen is his eyes (Left one). Injure that and it's basically like 10x worse than given birth. His eyes take the longest to regenerate, so it'll take a moment. That's the perfect time to strike him but other than that, he's got great combat skills.

13. No one knows of Setsuen's weaknesses due to his trust issue's.

14. Setsuen may be outgoing on the outside, but he has bad depression and blames himself for everything negative that happened in his life. He sometimes hallucinates when the depression gets really bad.

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