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Western Name: Sensei
Eastern Name: 先生
Kana Pronunciation: センセイ

Gender: Male
Age: 28

Release Date: August 30, 2015
Group/Team: Project-KASSYD

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Technical Details

Voiced by: Personal friend of mine
Managed by: FMARocksSoMuch

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Voicebank Distribution

All of my UTAUloids have now been privatised; please contact me directly if you would like me to give you Sensei's voicebank.

Email: ku.oc.liamtoh|yemot_d_j#ku.oc.liamtoh|yemot_d_j

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Forbidden
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Forbidden
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Forbidden
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Derivatives of any sort are forbidden
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 6'1"//185cm

Weight: 150lb//68kg [In dragon form : 2000lb//907kg]

Hair: Short, brunette hair usually combed back (sometimes he has it down but even then the only hair that hangs loose is his side bangs that he'd normally brush back).
Eyes: Forest Green
Color Scheme: Blue, Red, Black, White, Brown.
Neck Wear: Crimson coloured tie.
Headphones: One round, black ear clip with a built-in microphone on the left side of his head.
Birth Marks/Other Stuff: Tattoo of a Dragon around a ying yang symbol with some characters of japanese writing over it on the right side of his back.

Likes: Angello, Spring, Fire(he's not a pyromaniac, he just kinda likes it's warmth), Teaching(He is a teacher…), ….Angello's baking…
Dislikes: Sonny Belgrave, Mangoes(he's allergic to them; this throat swells if he eats them), Thunder and Lightning(he fears it), people that interrupt, people that hurt Angel in ANY way.

Character Item(s): Cigarettes, a red biro and a black biro.
Nationality: Japanese(1/4)/Russian(1/4)/British(Half)
Birthday: 31th December
Sexuality: Gay (but not very effeminate…at all… [hehashismomentsthough..!! XDDD])
Voice range: D2-C5

PERSONALITY: Quite helpful, business-like, quite aloof and dismissive at times and can be easily embarrassed about some things; NOT ALL..! But some…

DERE TYPE: Kuudere (quite a fair bit softer towards Angello)

Other Notes:

Sensei has the ability to heal people(not as well as Angello), Teleport(looks like how nightcrawler teleports i.e. black and white smoke), and he has the ability to transform into a black bodied, crimson haired Japanese Dragon that resembles Haku from spirited Away; only a bit more muscular, red eyed with green flecks in his irises and with a jagged scar just above where his heart is on his chest where he got stuck by lightning when flying and came crashing down to the ground(this scar shows on him in his human form too, it is also the reason why he fears Thunder and Lightning as he nearly died from the lightning strike)

I won't bore you with the back story here, but if you wanna read it, go here~!

Family and Friends:
-Kosuke Jonetsune (Friend)
-Daisuke Jonetsune (Same as Kosuke)
-Yuki Kwon (Friend/…Tries to be 'nicer..?' around him so as to not scare him off… ( ;^_^)>)
-Angel Red (Partner)
-Sonny Belgrave (the annoying one…)


-Sensei's real name is Satoshi Ivaschenko(only really Angello is allowed to call him Satoshi [Mainly cause he finds his real name precious as he was able to remember it through all the years of being called by his demon name]).
-He used to be a malicious Dragon Obake and used to live in The Underworld / Hell and he can still shape-shift into a Dragon now(…you'd…probably have to read the back story to understand what happened back then… ( ._.) ).
-His demon name is Liodahr. He hates his demon name and nobody, not even Angello knows his demon name(he "left it at the gates of Hell"). If you know his demon name, NEVER ADDRESS HIM BY THAT NAME…. you will be 'brutally murdered' by him if you do…
-He has the number "04" on him located under the hair at the back of the head;on the base of the skull.
-For those of you wondering why he's called Sensei, it's because he's a teacher, a College teacher who teaches Chemistry; soon after he got better from the burn he got whilst escaping from Hell(read the back story), he trained to be a teacher and became one to help people and, in a sense, to repent for his hurting people as a demon…… he's also an assistant teacher of Kendo.
-He doesn't get shy or embarrassed very often but when he does, he looks down to the left for a little while, then eventually turns away from the situation completely(that's a tell-tale sign to look for if you wanna know if he's shy or embarrassed~! X3)
-Sensei is very flexible; but when I say flexible, I mean able to do Box Splits, Russian Splits, Front Splits with either leg in front, and he can also do Handstand, Handstand Split and back and front Walkover… so not contortionist flexible..!! XD (although he ALMOST never shows it cause he finds that aspect of him 'feminine')

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