Ryuunosuke Aoyama
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Western Name: Ryuunosuke Aoyama
Eastern Name: 青山リュウノスケ
Kana Pronunciation: あおやまりゅうのすけ

Gender: Male
Age: 14

Release Date: July 20, 2016

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Technical Details

Voiced by: Mattsuran
Managed by: Mattsuran

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Voicebank Distribution

=== JAPANESE ===

Ryuunosuke Aoyama CRIMSON
Download: https://mattsuran.wixsite.com/site/voicebanks/ryuunosuke-aoyama?vb=crimson

Type: VCV
Recorded Pitches: G3, A3, D4, F4, C5 (Natural) | C4, G4 (Power) | A3, E4 (Whisper) | A3 (Nasal) | G3 (Dark) | C4 (Cute)
Recommended Range: E3 ~ F#5
Recommended Resampler: Moresampler
Recommended Flags: b-2Mt10Mo10Mb-5g2

Ryuunosuke Aoyama TURQUOISE
Download: https://mattsuran.wixsite.com/site/voicebanks/ryuunosuke-aoyama?vb=turquoise

Type: VCV
Recorded Pitches: G3, A3, G4, G4 (Natural) | E4 (Soft) | A3 (Power)
Recommended Range: TBA
Recommended Resampler: TBA
Recommended Flags: TBA

=== ENGLISH ===

Ryuunosuke Aoyama ENGLISH
Download: https://mattsuran.wixsite.com/site/voicebanks/ryuunosuke-aoyama?vb=english

Type: VCCV
Recorded Pitch: E4
Recommended Range: F#3 ~ D5
Recommended Resampler: Moresampler
Recommended Flags: b-2Mt5Mo-5Mb5g2

=== SPANISH ===

Ryuunosuke Aoyama SPANISH CVVC
Download: https://mattsuran.wixsite.com/site/voicebanks/ryuunosuke-aoyama?vb=escvvc (Pending re-release)

Type: CVVC
Recorded Pitch: C4
Recommended Range: TBA
Recommended Resampler: TBA
Recommended Flags: TBA

Ryuunosuke Aoyama SPANISH 360
Download: https://mattsuran.wixsite.com/site/voicebanks/ryuunosuke-aoyama?vb=es360 (Unreleased)

Type: VCCV (360)
Recorded Pitch: C4
Recommended Range: TBA
Recommended Resampler: TBA
Recommended Flags: TBA

=== CHINESE ===

Ryuunosuke Aoyama CHINESE CV
Download: https://mattsuran.wixsite.com/site/voicebanks/ryuunosuke-aoyama?vb=cncv (Pending re-release)

Type: CV
Recorded Pitch: A#3
Recommended Range: TBA
Recommended Resampler: TBA
Recommended Flags: TBA

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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 1.63 m (5' 4")

Weight: 53 kg (116.8 lbs)

Species: Cyborg
Pronouns: 僕/boku (JP, 1° person) | He/Him (EN, 2° person)
Ethnicity: White/Hispanic
Blood Type: A+
Nationality: Chilean (🇨🇱)
Birthday: July 20th

Likes: Board games, videogames, ice cream, spring (season)
Dislikes: Insects, bad translations, bitter and spicy foods

Personality:: Ryuunosuke is a shy, introverted and self-conscious boy. He quickly warms up to people and becomes rather talkative and hyperactive with his friends.​

He's quite clingy and fears being left all alone more than anything else. Ryuunosuke is also easily flustered and superstitious.
He fakes a cool and friendly personality with strangers and while performing as to seem more amicable.

・ Ryuunosuke can't cook. He can help his brother, Rafael, while cooking, but, every time he cooks on his own, whatever he makes ends up inedible
・ Ryuunosuke is a grammar nerd and tends to get quite angry whenever someone has bad orthography on purpose.
・ Some of Ryuunosuke's friends and acquaintances call him by his middle name, Tomás.
・ Ryuunosuke and Kaori Torimero have an inside joke that originated after Kaori messed up and accidentally said "Monostroke" instead of "Motostoke" while playing Pokémon Sword/Shield™.
・ Ryuunosuke has seasonal allergic rhinitis (a.k.a hay fever).
・ Ryuunosuke has a weird hobby of going on Wikipedia and read random articles when he is bored, this has made him quite knowledgeable about random topics such as atomic clocks, Dutch history, and the history of jelly beans, to mention some.

Related Characters:
Rafael Tsukiya - Adoptive older brother. Ryuu considers Rafael a role model and a "half-decent older brother figure". They constatl
Bing Yukihara - Friends. According to Ryuu, Bing is a better brotherly figure than Rafael.
Kaori Torimero: Friends. They met by sheer chance but they became friends fast. They get in trouble quite frequently.
Kato Torimero: Friends. they met in the aftermath of a certain incident where Ryuu and Kaori accidentally started a massive fire.
Mizune Hoshiin: Friends. Despite Ryuu's inability to understand Mizune's broken English, they get along.

More Info: https://mattsuran.wixsite.com/site/character-profiles/ryuunosuke-aoyama

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