Rafael Tsukiya
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Western Name: Rafael Tsukiya
Eastern Name: 月谷ラファエル
Kana Pronunciation: つきや・らふぁえる

Gender: Male
Age: 18

Release Date: November 12, 2019

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Technical Details

Voiced by: Mattsuran
Managed by: Mattsuran

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Voicebank Distribution

Latest Voicebank: 月谷ラファエルV2 (Release Date: September 17th, 2020)

=== JAPANESE ===

月谷ラファエルV1 (Tsukiya Rafael V1)
Download: https://mattsuran.wixsite.com/site/voicebanks/rafael-tsukiya?vb=v1

Type: VCV (+CVVC/CV alias)
Recorded Pitches: C#3
Recommended Range: F#2 ~ E4
Recommended Resampler: TIPS, Moresampler

月谷ラファエルV2 (Tsukiya Rafael V2)
Download: https://mattsuran.wixsite.com/site/voicebanks/rafael-tsukiya?vb=v2

Type: VCV (+CV/CVVC alias)
Recorded Pitches: C3, G3, C4
Recommended Range: F2 ~ A4
Recommended Resampler: TIPS, tn_fnds

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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 177 cm (5' 10")

Weight: 65 kg (142 lbs))

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Species: Android
Pronouns: 自分/jibun (JP, 1° person) | He/They (EN, 2° person)
Ethnicity: White/Hispanic

Likes: Tea, reading, trivia games, bunnies, baking
Dislikes: Animals, the sea, thunderstorms, coffee, elevators
Personality: Rafael is a courteous and yet aloof young man. Most people's first impression of him is that he has a cool personality and is quite reliable.
He always keeps people at an arm's length away, however, he's also caring and trustworthy once you get closer to him.​

He's an android, so his understanding of human emotions is a bit limited. Really stubborn and cynical, he loves using sarcasm and sometimes curses like a sailor.
Will help you with anything if you ask politely enough.


・ Rafael runs on a special lithium-sulfur battery capable of maintaining him for 5 continuous days without charge.
After that, he can recharge by either eating foods with a high sugar content or using electricity.
・ Rafael is extremely sensitive to caffeine, just having a single cup of coffee is enough for his battery to recharge completely.
・ Rafael has an extreme and completely irrational fear of getting trapped inside an elevator, so he uses stairs instead of elevators whenever is possible.
・ Rafael's really good at baking. He once held a bake sale to gather funds for his student council and ended up running out of pastries in half an hour.
・ His actual surname is Tsukiya-Aoyama, however, when performing as an UTAU, he only uses the first part.
・ After Ryuu suggested it as a joke, Rafael started dying the tips of his hair blue. He then kept doing it because he liked how it looked.
・ As an android, he's more resistant than a human, being able to easily survive a >50m fall into a lake with little more than a scratch
(which, unsurprisingly, has already happened before).

Related Characters:
Ryuunosuke Aoyama - Adoptive younger brother. Ryuu and Rafael are always arguing about petty stuff. Rafael is overprotective of Ryuu.
Bing Yukihara - Best friends and classmates. Bing is among the few people who know that Rafael is an android. They met in middle school.
Kaori Torimero: Friends, they met each other thanks to Ryuunosuke in a certain incident involving Kaori and Ryuu almost starting a fire in a kitchen.
Kato Torimero: Friends, they met in the aftermath of the aforementioned incident. They sympathize with each other due to the messes caused by their younger siblings (Kaori and Ryuu)
Mizune Hoshiin: Acquaintances. Mizune's playful hyperactivity tends to confuse and annoy Rafael a bit.

More Info: https://mattsuran.wixsite.com/site/character-profiles/rafael-tsukiya

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