Nobu Hisakawa
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Western Name: Nobu Hisakawa
Eastern Name: 久川・のぶ
Kana Pronunciation: ひさかわ・のぶ (ノブ)

Gender: Male
Age: 21

Release Date: August 25th, 2019

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Technical Details

Voiced by: ghiacciohours
Managed by: ghiacciohours

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Voicebank Distribution

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New Banks

The last Nobu bank as of 8/29/2021.
12 mora VCV recorded at D#3, F#3, A3. Has G#3 whisper add-on.
Is fully recorded and in a mostly usable state. However, some of the config (mostly just alternate aliases for end breaths) is unfinished.
Usable extra aliases, "x" represents a vowel (aiueon): "x hh", "x R", "x br".
DL (
DL (BowlRoll)
Recommended engine: W4U.exe
If W4U doesn't work, fresamp.exe is also alright

Old Banks

久川・のぶ-solus- VCV
129mb compressed.
The pitches are F3, C4, F4.
It has a darker tone compared to the bi-pitch VCV. Much more mellow sounding.
This voicebank is configured by Sketch Ditty, with end breaths and extra samples configured by ghiaccio hours.
Has end exhales, inhales, and glottal stops for F3 and C4.
Usage is not recommended. No longer distributed.

Bipitch VCV
99mb compressed.
C4, G3. Moresampler configured.
This voice bank has strings missing. Usage is not recommended. No longer distributed.

Monopitch VCV
OTO.ini by Versailles.
No longer distributed.

Terms of Use

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Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 160cm (5ft3in) without his shoes on, 175cm (5ft7in) with his shoes on.

Weight: 13kg/29lb

Age: 21 years old

Species: A sentient being synthesized from chemicals, effectively slime.
Favourite drink is coffee, has around three cups a day.
Nobu is aromantic and asexual.
He has dyscalculia.

Note: a lot of his information/flavour text has been retconned over the past two years, whatever is currently on this page is canon. Old lore/flavour text is not correct.


Nobu could simply be described as a recluse, and is very cautious of his surroundings. He rarely leaves his apartment, only leaving to get what he needs or go to his inconsistent night job. He has difficulty forming relationships, but is a loyal friend with a droll sense of humour. Tends to go quiet around strangers, crowds and loud people.

Physical contact scares Nobu, he might jump or run away if grabbed suddenly. Eye contact makes him uncomfortable.
In public, he hides in the corners of rooms.
Nobu is made of slime comprised of a high concentration of ethylene glycol with other unknown substances, and wears gloves and layers of clothes to prevent contamination. One of these substances might be vodka. Nobu's mouth stays cat-like unless he's in pain or feeling intense emotion. It hurts for Nobu to have his mouth any other way.

To no one's shock or surprise, Nobu has only one friend. Funnily enough, it's Navy Monroe. They sleep under his kitchen table sometimes.

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