Yoake Nikki
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Western Name: Nikki Yoake
Eastern Name: 夜明け日記
Kana Pronunciation: よあけにっき

Gender: Male (Crossdresser)
Age: Over 20

Release Date: June , 2012

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Technical Details

Voiced by: Siiri/Sipa (Niqchu)
Managed by: Siiri/Sipa (Niqchu)

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Voicebank Distribution

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Current Voicebanks

- Logical Range: D3-F4 (G#3)

VCV Act 2.5
- 5 pitch: D#3, F3, A3, E4, A#4

VCV Act 3.0
- 5 pitch: G#3,B3,F4,A4.C5

VCV Act 4.0
- 4 pitch: F#3,G#3,B3,F4

TBA Voicebanks

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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 176 cm (5'6 ft)

Weight: 78 kg (172 lbs)

Race: Finnish/Japanese
Hair Color: Salmon red
Eye Colors: Red and Blue
Birthday: May 27th (Same as the creator's)

Accessories: A Bunny plushie or a white lily.
Dress: Dark grey

Likes: Sweet pastry, Stuffed bunnies, lilies, Sour candy
Dislikes: Wearing pants, Spicy food, Liars, mushrooms, sour candy and memes

Related Characters:
- Kiki Sagawa (Boyfriend)
- Renmi (Friend)

Nikki is quite cheerful. Not much with strangers, instead with his friends. He has a crush on Sagawa Kiki and is obsessive towards him.
He doesn't really like seeing Kiki hang out with others. Were they a friend or a stranger. If Kiki were to cheat on him, he would build the hatred inside,
until it all comes out with a huge rage most likely physically hurting someone. Being the huge chance being Kiki's Affairs or Kiki himself.
He has a MASSIVE SWEET TOOTH. He has a love-hate relationship with sour candy. He does like brushing his long hair or being brushed.


- He hates wearing pants. But creator makes him sometimes wear them.
- His hair length changes a bit every time.
- His eye colors was partly inspired by one of these 3D paper glasses and lack of colour pencils…..
- He really doesn't have that much of an proper personality
- He grows beard,but he highly dislikes it so he waxes it off
- He has a very good memory

Name Interpretation

Yoake = Dawn
Nikki = Diary

Nickname: Niq

Usage Clause

- Contact the creator,if you have used Nikki in your cover, because i would love to see them <3
- This is not for commercial use.
- Duet's are A-Ok!
- Do NOT EDIT or STEAL THEIR voice banks, characters or their designs in general.
- Do not REDISTIBUTE THEIR older voice banks…. Just don't.
- If you want to draw nsfw art,gore, Please ask permission

Even if i might "leave" social media,it doesn't mean i'll abandon THEM. UTAU ADOPTION IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN WITH MY UTAUS!

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