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Western Name: Naohiro
Eastern Name: 直弘
Kana Pronunciation: なおひろ

Gender: Male
Age: 13

Release Date: August 18, 2013
Group/Team: Hoshiroid

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Technical Details

Voiced by: Kanda
Managed by: Hoshi

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Voicebank Distribution

Japanese CV -
-Standard CV voicebank, good for rock, electronic. Nao has a very soft voice, but if used effectively, can be used for whatever the user prefers.


Brazilian Portuguese CV-VC - In the making at the moment.

English CV-VC - One day it'll come to pass.

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Forbidden
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Yes, even to derivatives created without permission
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 157cm without boots, 161cm with boots on.

Weight: 54kg without boots, 56kg with them on. They're weighted so that when he takes them off, he can run faster.

Model no. RG-8

Character Item: Brigadeiro (Brazilian Dessert)

Likes: Brigadeiro, Coxinha, Amateur Radio, working, honesty, guitars, hats, making music, being selfless, service, things that fly, other Utaus, girls(boys 8D (HOSHI WHAT THE CRAP) ).

Dislikes: Snotty attitudes, being put on airs, acting selfish, Vocaloids, especially Hatsune Miku; dancing, Spaniards.

Nationality: Brazilian. Originally Japanese. Has a slight Rio accent when he speaks Portuguese. (Hence the reason why Kanda will be recording his PT vb with an accent on purpose.)

Clothing: Red sleeveless frock coat with black trim, fastened by a black belt, with a black cummerbund underneath, light tan slacks, and shiny black knee high English riding boots.
STRONG Design: Maroon sleeveless… something… don't even ask, I'm not sure what it is; maroon Tam o' Shanter without pom, cream-colored sash, dark tan pants, and knee-high riding boots.

Hair: Bright green.

Eye color: Hot pink.

Skin Color: Lightly tanned, usual between brazilian people.

Favorite phrase: "Não me toques!" | "Don't touch me!"

Related Characters: Kagayakune Mitsuko (love interest/former student), Naru Shusei (same voice provider)

NOTE: This section is foggy, since Hoshi and Kanda are still writing his back story. What's written here is what they've set in concrete for now.

Nakajima Naohiro was originally a Japanese prince, who alternatively worked as a teacher. After being betrayed and killed by his sister, who would soon proceed to overthrow her other brother, his spirit possessed the body of a 13-year-old Brazilian boy, whose name was Gustavo Oliveira. When this had happened, Nao kept his first name, but lost his surname, and is now presently known just as Naohiro.

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