Nana Sensoune
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Western Name: Nana Sensoune
Eastern Name: 戦争音ナナ
Kana Pronunciation: せんそうねなな

Gender: Fluid
Age: Unknown

Release Date: January 31, 2021
Group/Team: N/A

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Technical Details

Voiced by: nadis
Managed by: nadis

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Voicebank Distribution

TIPS, moresampler, fresamp, tn_fnds, model4



  • Powerscale voicebank
  • Pitches: A4/D4/F#3/F4/G#4


  • Powerful voice
  • More Attack
  • 2 Falsetto Pitches

A#4/A4 Falsetto/C4/C5/C5 Falsetto/D#5/D4/F4/G#3/G4


  • Mature voice with more attack
  • Power pitches
  • 3 Falsetto pitches
  • 3 Whisper pitches

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Not Required
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Not Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Derivatives of any sort are forbidden
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 5'2

Weight: ???

戦争音 or "War Sound" is used because of her flexible range with a limited amount of pitches. (Original Voicebank)

Background: (read if it so pleases you or ignore completely)

Nana was created in a future torn apart by global war and famine. She, among other robots of the same creators, were made to serve as perfect soldiers in place of humans, who were driving themselves into a slow extinction. In an attempt to undo history and find out how to prevent humanity’s inevitable demise, Nana and many others were given the ability to time travel and prevent major historical events that may have been detrimental to humanity’s future. In an effort to make Nana and her siblings blend into a human environment, all were modeled after real people that aided in their creation and given access to high clearance government information to better increase their chances of survival and mission success.
However, somewhere on Nana’s journey, her time travel device malfunctioned, trapping her in the past. She has since had to live out history as a person until she can return to her own timeline.

In her travels, Nana met Shiki Sakasa and was introduced to Tarou Iwata through her. During this time, Nana was beginning to fall apart due to the fact she had nobody maintaining her, so Tarou offered to ask his sister, Taiga, to repair Nana, allowing her to stay in their home for a temporary amount of time. However, Nana slowly developed a mentor-like relationship with the children and became a permanent member of their household. She acts as a parental figure to all of the Iwata children.

Nana also has a romantic partner named Andy Montoya whom she eventually marries, and they both care for her adopted children together.


Nana often takes on a feminine form with black and blue hair. She can also adopt a masculine form with hair of the same color but styled differently. Both forms stand at 5’2” (157.48 cm) in height, a value which Nana cannot alter. Her damaged left eye reacts as an audio spectrum when she speaks. Due to its tendency to be distracting, she covers it with an eyepatch

- She has a red left eye while her right eye is damaged and functions as an audio spectrum that reacts when she speaks or sings

- Though she does not need to, Nana enjoys eating certain foods. She cannot taste but prefers certain textures to others. She often will put non-food items in her mouth and crush them because she likes the texture. (ex. glass) However, they do not harm her, as she does not have a digestive system.

- She has a strange rivalry with Theo. Her relationship with him is confusing, and his presence often messes with her censors and leaves her with what we would consider to be headaches. Theo finds it very entertaining to infuriate her. As a result, the two are frequently arguing (though, the antagonism is mostly on Nana’s side). While the two fight often, they are not entirely “enemies,” as they often frequent the same mutual friend group and are willing to come together to help someone they both care about.

- Her best friend is Koh Kazuya, and he often confuses her for Canadian actor Keanu Reeves in her masculine form, so she will also respond to the name "Keanu" in this form.

- She is associated with the Steller's Jay due to her normal hairstyle.

- Nana's right arm is also a gun

- Due to the lack of proper resources in the future when she was made, Nana was left sensitive to extreme weather conditions. If she gets too hot, her system overheats and she powers down. The same happens if she gets too cold and she often bundles up in the cooler seasons.

- She can sleep the same way your computer can

- She does not like wearing shoes

- She smokes frequently, but no one knows how or why

- She bought the banana taped to the wall

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