Michi Doku
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Western Name: Michi Doku
Eastern Name: 道毒
Kana Pronunciation: みち どく

Gender: Female (trans)
Age: 16

Release Date: July 11, 2018
Group/Team: TRIOloids

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Technical Details

Voiced by: VaporwaveToons2002
Managed by: VaporwaveToons2002

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Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Yes, but derivatives must be created with permission
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Character Details

Height: 4'3"

Weight: N/A

Birthday: July 11, 2002

Nationality/Race: Japanese/American

Character item: Vanilla pudding

Likes: Vanilla pudding, horror movies, kidcore, money, jewels, Barbie dolls, spicy foods

Dislikes: Being called cute, puns, chocolate pudding, singing, seafood, stupid people, cats

Personality: Ill-tempered, selfish, rude, greedy

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Fellow TRIOloid

-Ocha Hikari (gets annoyed by him/love interest)
-Kiken Mushoku (gets annoyed by her)
-Makura Hirune
-Iro Wakai
-Ritchi Okane
-Orenji Chaneru
-Oroka Fukai
-Yume Manabu


-She is allergic to seafood.

-Michi likes to play with her Barbie dolls, but she doesn't want anyone to know that she is playing with her dolls.

-Michi can be REALLY greedy (for money and diamonds, of course! ^-^).

-She is pansexual and a trans woman.

-Michi has no problem eating spicy foods.

-Michi has a serious case of ailurophobia (fear of cats).

-Michi is somewhat obsessed with kidcore.

-She sleeps in the ball pit.

-She has a huge collection of Barbie dolls.

-She likes to cause some trouble.

-Michi gets very annoyed when Ocha flirts with her.

-She likes to drink hot sauce out of the bottle.

-Michi often buys a Slurpee from 7-Eleven for her birthday.

-Michi's outfit is somewhat resembles to Microsoft Windows 1992 logo.

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