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Western Name: Merisdae (Pronounced Mehr-iz-day)
Eastern Name:
Kana Pronunciation:

Gender: Agender, Feminine Presenting. (they/them) or (she/her)
Age: ???? (Appears 18)

Release Date: August 16, 2016
Group/Team: Children of Dust

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Technical Details

Voiced by: LunarConstruct
Managed by: LunarConstruct

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Voicebank Distribution

Technical Information
Recorded on a Citronic CCM1 Studio Cardioid Condenser Mic
+Blue Icicle XLR to USB Converter, Pop Filter
Minor Noise Removal done to samples.
Voiced by LunarConstruct
Managed by LunarConstruct

Voicebank Information
CVVC/VCV 5pitch Multiappend Japanese - Reclist by haejin
CVVC+ 5pitch Multiappend French - Reclist by Kevinp9568
VCCV 5pitch Multiappend English - Reclist by PaintedCZ
CVVC 5pitch Multiappend Korean - Reclist by UniverseJuice
CVVC 1pitch Core Varae - Reclist by LunarConstruct

Readme File
Merisdae has 5 different banks, each named after a phase of the moon - in reference to her name: Merisdae (Moonlight in Varae, the language of the world in which she is from). Each bank has multiple languages in it, in multiple pitches! The pitches are G3, C4, G4, B4, and D5.
To use this bank, simply select the voice you would like to use in UTAU! If you want to use any of the "all_" banks (which are packages of all of the appends for that language), then you have to add suffixes for each append. The suffixes are as follows:
_p: -bloodmoon- (Strong, Powerful Voicebank)
_s: -bluemoon- (Soft, Whispery Voicebank)
no suffix: -crescentmoon- (Core, Natural Voicebank)
_f: -fullmoon- (Deeper, Mature Voicebank)
_n: -newmoon- (Cute, Childish Voicebank)
There is also another suffix you can use to manually select the pitch, and override the set If you add "_(pitch)" to the end of any sound, then it will be changed manually.
[か] would give you crescentmoon's ka, in whatever pitch the prefix map dictates.
[か_p] would give you bloodmoon's ka, in whatever pitch the prefix map dictates.
[か_p_B4] would give you bloodmoon's ka, in the B4 pitch, regardless of the

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Not Required
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? With Purchase of License
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? With Purchase of License
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Yes, but derivatives must be created with permission
[* Click here to view the terms of use for this UTAU.]
Click here to view commercial license info for this UTAU.

Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 160cm

Weight: 130lbs

Character Information
Name: Merisdae [Moonlight in Varae. Pronunced Mehr-iz-day]

Age: ???? (appears 18)

Gender: Agender, Feminine presenting. Pronouns (she/her/hers) or (they/them/theirs)

Personality: Curious, creative, and optimistic, Merisdae has all the energy of a child, as well as the naivete. Always eager to meet new and interesting people, she will befriend just about anyone if they let her. Having been raised on the moon with so few people to talk to, one cant blame her for her straightforward and sometimes oblivious manner, and her clumsiness with unfamiliar parts of human life, but she will always try her best to handle anything life throws at her

Background: Esela was a goddess of youth, femininity, and music, and a descendant of her clans elder and leader. As such, she was held to high standards, and expected to be a good example to the rest of the clan. No one could say she wasn't, the young goddess was perfectly well behaved, kind, generous, and a friend to all. However, those very qualities led to her banishment from the clan, when she came upon a lone stranger in the wild who introduced themself as Cold, and Esela offered to keep them company. You see, she didn't know it at the time, but Cold was a Soul, a ruthless species that had come to Earth long ago and created the gods, keeping them as both food and lab rats. After the uprising, it was considered a grave betrayal to associate with souls, and Esela had just befriended one. They became very close in fact, Esela frequently slipping away to visit them, playing them songs and listening to their stories about their travels. She realized it slowly, that her best friend was a soul, but she denied it as long as she could, right up until her clan found out what was going on. The elder was furious, and hurt, and in their anger they banished Esela to the moon, where she lived under the guard of Mitandou, the god king, if you could call it that.

Esela grew lonely on the cold, dark moon, with only Mitandou for company, and they were hardly engaging. After a time, Esela brought together five pieces of moon, and some of her own dust, and created from it Merisdae, Moonlight, her construct. She cared for Merisdae as her own child, teaching her of the world below and all the wonderful people and places on Earth, and every day Merisdae would sing to her, and they were both happy. However, Merisdae was a curious child, and restless. She wanted so much to see the world she heard about. After many years of yearning, though she loved her mother and was afraid to leave her, Mitandou allowed Merisdae to go to Earth.

No amount of stories could have prepared Merisdae for her new home. It was chaotic, colorful and bright and full of sound. There were in fact many people, but they weren't gods. She found herself in a world full of humans, and they had done so much with it since Esela's time. Where Merisdae had landed, the people called her Tsuki Hikari, a name she came to use in time though it felt strange to her tongue, as all human language did at first. She still sings every day, and does so thinking of her mother, but Merisdae is in love with her new home on Earth and could never leave.

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