Lugh Mizunone
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Image by 黒月カイン (Kokugatsu Kain)

Western Name: Lugh Mizunone
Eastern Name: 水音ルゥ
Kana Pronunciation: ミズノネ-ルゥ

Gender: Male
Age: 17

Release Date: December 21, 2011
Group/Team: Mizunone Lugh Row

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Technical Details

Voiced by: 黒月カイン (Kokugatsu Kain)
Managed by: 黒月カイン (Kokugatsu Kain)

encode1.png alias0.png config2.png

Voicebank Distribution

CV: Download
No mark version CV. Noises tend to be severely obstructive.

CV ver.1.2: Download
Something with some unmarked version of CV with noise removed. It tends to get caught.

CV ver.2.0: Download
a CV of whispering voices like noisy than others. Whisper system.

CV ver.2.5: Download
Repeated CV. The voicelessness is canceled from the previous version. Sound of soft utterance.

CV ver. 3.0: Download
Repeated CV. Also included phonemes that are not in previous single sounds. Also ending breath is breathed.

† Aerea †: Download
Fictitious language CV rewritten alias of independent sound ver. 3.0. Vowel Towa, etc. are not rewritten, so he will speak as it is.

VCV: Download
a normal VCV. Compared to a CV, there is no obstruction of voice and sound generation is steady. A little voice is young.

VCV ver.1.5: Download
† A sound source of A3 was taken out from Requiem †, and an alias was removed so as to be usable with a normal VCV. Whispering system.

† Extend †: Download
Extended VCV which added "↑ VCV" and "VCV" to normal VCV. It corresponds to higher tone than usual.

† Requiem †: Download
Mixed scale VCV composed of G3 / A3 / C4 / F4. A bass sound is weak, and a treble is a VCV of a kire sound source type that consciously pronounced strongly. Some frequency table editing is necessary.

† Dulcis †: Download
A VCV closer to a female with conscious pretty utterances. It has a habit of being a little lingering compared to other VCVs.

† Quies †: Download
a weak VCV to sing quietly. It is strong against bass and a bit weak at high frequencies. It may be a habit of pronunciation. It is recommended to set breath because alias is not attached.

† Origin †: Download
a bipitch VCV composed of G3 / D4. Sound source of grown voice quality. I am not good at vibrato. D4 is a whisper sound source with more breath ingredients.

† Agito †: Download
a Tripitch VCV composed of G # 3 / B 3 / D # 4. It is close to the voice when the first person sang. Overall low tone quality voice.

† Infirma †: Download
a triptich VCV composed of G3 / A # 3 / D4. A sound source that sings with a grossly vocal utterance.

† Serenade †: Download
a quadpitch VCV composed of G # 3 / A # 3 / C 4 / E 4 VCV sound source which sounds strongly as it goes to treble.

† Twilight †: Download
a normal VCV arrives at the fifth scale of E3 / F3 / A3 / C # 4 / F # 4, and the fourth scale of G # 3 / A # 3 / C # 4 / It is sound. The direction of the power system tone generator is "- - E 4 strong" so please be careful when calling.

† Tristitia †: Download
† This is a regular VCV with Twilight † only 5 scale.

† Clamor †: Download
† It is only the power VCV quadpitch in Twilight †.

† Cloud †: Download
a VCV of 7 scales made up of F 3 / G # 3 / A # 3 / C 4 / D 4 / E 4 / G # 4.

† Luctus †: Download
a whisper series VCV composed of D # 3 / G 3 / C 4.

† Lament †: Download
a bass power system VCV composed of E3 / G3 / B3.

Winding Tongue: Download
It is usually an additional sound source for VCV. Please put the contents folder in the folder of the sound source and use it. I recommend using it in ver.1.5.

CVVC: Download
a usual CVVC sound source.

† Fortia †: Download
a multipitch note CVVC sound source composed of G3 / B3 / D4 / F4. A power system sound source of Kire style that consciously speaks bass strongly and utters as strongly as a treble. Some frequency table editing is necessary.

† Nocturne †: Download
Multinary note CVVC sound source composed of A3 / C4 / E4 / A4. The bass is weak, the treble is strong, the sharpness of consciousness. Sound source specialized for treble.

The password for each voicebank is "mznnl"

MMD ver.1.0: Download
By using AL, pupils, lines, and neckties will fire. I try to collide rigid bodies so that transverse hair does not enter the trunk. And if it is annoying because it is rough often, please edit bone, rigid body, joint. I think that the joint part is wrong because the weight is still sweet. For this model, diversion of parts is OK.

The password for this MMD model is "lughmmd"

Honoka Kuroduki, Mizunone Lugh, Mizunone Row Rosela style MMD Model: Download
By using AL, pupils and lines, ribbons will fire. Please freely edit the bones, rigid bodies, joints, weights. Divert of parts is free. However, please be sure to check the terms and conditions such as model to divert and make sure to know the diverted source.

The password for this MMD model is "lughrow"

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Not Required
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Yes, even to derivatives created without permission
Click here to view the terms of use for this UTAU.
Click here to view commercial license info for this UTAU.

Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 162 cm

Weight: 46 kg

Birthday: August 11
Personality: Obedient and troublesome
Dominant Hand: left handed
Likes: Sweet things in general (He especially likes candy)
Dislikes: Bitter things, spicy things

Lugh has a brother named Row Mizunone

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Image by 黒月カイン (Kokugatsu Kain)

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Image by 黒月カイン (Kokugatsu Kain)

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Image by 黒月カイン (Kokugatsu Kain)

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Image by 黒月カイン (Kokugatsu Kain)

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Image by 黒月カイン (Kokugatsu Kain)

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