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Western Name: Lila
Eastern Name: Lila
Kana Pronunciation: リラ

Gender: Female
Age: 16

Release Date: September , 2014

Official Site

Technical Details

Voiced by: CG
Managed by: CG

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Voicebank Distribution

Tri-pitch VCV (3音連続音) [Includes Soft/Core/Power a.k.a. A3/D4/G4]

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Not Required
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Yes, but derivatives must be created with permission
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 155

Weight: 46

Sweet, kind, and innocent. Goes out of her way to make sure that she doesn't hurt any feelings. Can be mischievous at times, and enjoys pulling small pranks on Fromage. Dresses in pastel goth fashion mainly because of her love for the colors and flowers. Has a big sweet tooth, enjoys baking and eating sweets in her free time

Fromage [Roommate, close friend]
Yami no Oto [friend]

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