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Western Name: Lunar Eclipse
Eastern Name: 月蝕
Kana Pronunciation: ぅな

Gender: Female
Age: 16,378 (16)

Release Date: August ???, 2020
Group/Team: ÆON-P

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Voiced by: KyeArtois
Managed by: KyeArtois

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Character Details

Height: 5'0 (152.40 cm)

Weight: 140 lb (63.5029 kg)

Name~ Lunar Eclipse

Age~ 16,378 (16)

Likes~ root beer, being happy, humor, sarcasm, tv, manga, anime, sweaters, stockings, cats, dogs, spending time with close friends, memes, art, food.

Dislikes~ Beets, homo/transphobes, racist people, people being mean, dry texters, dry humor, white chocolate, Julio (lmao jk jk).

Character item~ bottle of classic root beer.

Friends~ Julio-©https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSx6UHRQTS6SZHeMfRoQv4g (me)

Blue Skylar-©https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAkTJT050VP-9wmflIq4OXg

Kat Artois-©https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSx6UHRQTS6SZHeMfRoQv4g (me)

Character description: Lunar Eclipse is a cross between a demon and angel. she has long purple hair that fades into a light blue. her body type is an hourglass. her eyes are pure black voids due to a curse her father put on her while experimenting on cross breeds. one of her friends (Random, an angel who was experimented on) helped her through her depression and anxiety.

+Character traits: Honest, kind, loyal, sarcastic, quiet, caring, calm.
-Character traits: too curious, can be annoying, holds grudges, gullible, touchy.

【LUNΛR】is and utauloid used for: songs or talkloids.


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