Kyuuyou Chuudoku
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Image by KATA (カタ)

Western Name: Kyuuyou Chuudoku
Eastern Name: 休養中毒
Kana Pronunciation: kyūyō chūdoku

Gender: female
Age: 23

Release Date: January , 2008
Group/Team: KATAloid (カタロイド)

Official Site

Technical Details

Voiced by: KATA (カタ)
Managed by: KATA (カタ)

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Voicebank Distribution

General information/description of KY's voice
Kyuuyou Chuudoku is a female, neutral and clear voice, with boyish tendencies.
Deeper songs blend better with her, but she is also capable of sounding good with higher melodies –
both resulting in different moods (deep: shadowy/ tough, high: clear, innocent, melancholic).
KY’s voice generally gives a “wannabe tough” vibe, given by the voice’s “weak-esque” nature.
Therefore: great for slower, jazzy, sad, philosophical, lascivious songs.
Not so much for: scream for your life, powerhouse chants (which may be fixed by some kind of “power voicebank”
in the future – but keep in mind – KY as an UTAU is generally a softer one by her nature).

But beyond this description, you are of course free to test her out and experiment with all sorts of melodies.
Maybe you’ll find some new discoveries/something that works while tuning her, that I haven’t figured out yet.
If you wanna, you can even make her sing the bee movie script at B9 –
but she might hate you afterwards.


Voice: 休養中毒 / Kyuuyou Chuudoku - DEFAULT

Reclist, Range, Technical properties:
VCV with CVVC support
Optimum Range: G3~G4 / around 120 BPM
Logical Range (as depicted by UTAU): G2~F5
Freq avg : 267.5 Hz (C4)

Kana aliased

Files: 757
Voices : 5097
Size: approx. 400MB

Description, Download:
4-Pitch VB recorded in: G3, A#3, D4, F4 (In the chord G Minor)

This is KY’s Standard VB/Set of voices.
The Mood/Append reflected in this bank is her go-to/neutral singing voice.

This voicebank includes extras & add-ons.
Further information can be found in the "readme" file.

DOWNLOAD (Google Drive)
DOWNLOAD 2 (Mediafire) [1]

Voice samples - DEFAULT VB
Found here: KATAloid Webpage - VOICEBANKS

For any questions, contact me here: moc.liamg|63diolatak#moc.liamg|63diolatak

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Not Required
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Yes, but derivatives must be created with permission
Click here to view the terms of use for this UTAU.
[* Click here to view commercial license info for this UTAU.]

Voice Sample(s)

Character Details



Catchphrase: “Chinmoku (沈黙 / Silence)”
- For when everything just gets too loud.

Kyuuyou Chuudoku (休養中毒) is a voicebank for the UTAU program.

Profile information

Height: 1,80 cm / 5' 11" ft

Weight: 60 kg / 132 lbs

Ethnicity: N/A

General information

Actual Introduction/Release Date:
(As wikidot does not allow me to enter the correct data)
First Introduction: January 12,2013
Release: March 05, 2024
Birthday: January 04 (Capricorn)

Affiliation: KATA (カタ) (concept, art, technical design - creator)

Language: Japanese

Reclist - VCV
Range - Alto
Optimum: G3~G4 / around 120 BPM
Genre - Jazz, Blues, RnB, Chill-out

KY's Webpage
YouTube / Release Song (Panda Hero)


A pauper addicted to silence.

Kyuuyou ran away from home at a rather young age. Ever since she left her origins,
she began roaming the streets to get through each following day of her life on her own.
Traveling from shelter to shelter she meets a lot of very different people, who share their
stories with her. Mostly they do this through singing, as playing music together next to a
fire can seems to be one of the best ways to get others to open up about themselves.
The voluntary pauper collects these stories to learn from them, so maybe one day she will
recognize what holds the world together at its core. While doing so, she reveals close to
nothing about herself. Leaving others unaware and puzzled about her plans and
motivations. Probably, because she doesn’t have any.

Besides that, she doesn’t really sing for any particular reason.

  • To learn more about the pauper, visit her WEBPAGE. [2]

Etymology details - Interpretation
Name: 休養中毒 – Kyuuyou Chuudoku (correctly transcripted:
“ Kyūyō chūdoku“ – her name uses a different way of writing)
休養 / Kyuuyou (shortened: KY) – to rest, in the sense of recovery
中毒 / Chuudoku – addiction, obsession

"Addiction to Rest"

Type: UTAUloid (ウタウロイド)
and KATAloid (カタロイド) in reference to the creator KATA (カタ)

Character details
Description: A tall, slender and pale woman with long grayish light brown hair,
bound to two twintails – her right one being a lot shorter. She has dark green,
emerald-like eyes, which turned from clear to muddy over the years. KY makes
an overstrained and unhealthy appearance, as depicted by her dark eye bags,
tired-looking skin and below average thin stature. Living on the streets, she can
also appear to be quite dirty/lacking some hygiene.

Outfit: Kyuuyou's most iconic piece of clothing is her green knitting hat.
She has grown a liking towards it, as it resembles the colour of her eyes.
She likes it so much that she is pretty much never seen without it, but still
wasn’t willing to sacrifice her hairstyle just to wear it. Therefore she poked
two holes on the opposing sides of the beanie, to lead her twintails through it.
Besides that, KY prefers to dress rather loosely, as she gets hot very quickly
and therefore does not like thick clothing, making her outfit choices often
quite revealing. Her usual garments consist of a top covering her breast, leaving
her stomach, shoulders and arms exposed, combined with a skirt covering parts
of her upper thighs, but pretty much never reaching her knees. For footwear she
prefers combat boots, as they are robust and therefore assist her greatly on her
expeditions throughout the world. Another part of KY’s main garderobe is her long,
dark and over-sized coat, with a collar which leans up to her head. This is neither
necessarily her favourite piece of clothing, nor does she dislike it. The deep pockets
can come in quite handy most of the time, especially as KY does not carry around
a bag with her anymore as she used to, but is the real reason for her wearing the
coat quite ridiculous. She noticed that she looks “more dangerous” towards others
with it, resulting in less people trying to mess with her. KY values peace and quiet
over most things, so she just deals with this silly fact.

  • For more details regarding KY’s appearance, please take a look at her reference sheet linked below (Gallery).

Likes: smoking, drinking (to some extent), reading, sleeping, silence
Dislikes: luxurious environments, being pampered, most people, crowds,
being exhausted, energetic characters – as they exhaust her, arousal –
and therefore: caffeine supplements (coffee, energy drinks…), privileged brats,
stupidity, adorableness/cuteness – makes her cringe, divas/popstars, mother
Item: Cigarettes
Biggest Dream: That no one has to suffer.

Kishin Ao Mugen – fellow KATAloid and older brother
Eli – who was once her / fellow KATAloid

- KY is the kind of person to not squash a cockroach when she finds one, but to catch it and carry it outside.
- Although KY could be considered a “tramp”, she reacts discontented and disapproving to being called such. She finds this term to be discriminatory.
- KY found all of her clothes in the trash. You would be surprised what people throw away.
- KY lost most of her other twintail due to an accident where she got stuck.
- Ever since her release in “Panda Hero”, KY kept the baseball bat…just in case.
- Although KY likes drinking vegetable juice, she has zero desire to sing “PoPiPo”.
- It is said, whoever makes KY sing “Melt”, is getting cursed.

[1] Please note that the configurations, frq.files and .wavs of my
banks are a work in progress. The oto.ini has been adjusted for 1 Pitch and copied for the
others, so there will be deviations. You are of course free to make any adjustments
yourself to improve your experience. Otherwise you can also just let me know if there are
severe issues.

[2] KY's personality traits and story do not have to be followed when covering songs or making original songs.
You can go as far, as just treating her as a mere voice or even create variations of her.
However, derivatives of my characters need my written approval.

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