Kurei Shikon
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Western Name: Kurei Shikon
Eastern Name: 紫紺クレイ
Kana Pronunciation: しこんくれい

Age: 17

Release Date: September 9, 2013

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Technical Details

Voiced by: xQx / xRx
Managed by: xQx / xRx

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Voicebank Distribution

Current voicebanks


Upcoming voicebanks
歯根クレイ Indirect! | Tri-pitch Soft VCV voicebank [1/3 recorded]
歯根クレイ Direct! | C4 Strong(ish) VCV Bank
歯根クレイ Transfer! | D3 - Low Note VCV Bank [recorded]
歯根クレイ Transfer RE:TRY | Multi-pitch - Low Note VCV Bank [recorded]
歯根クレイ Transcend! | Multipitch Falsetto VCV Bank
歯根クレイ Omni! ** | 15 pitch cv **Including whisper and nasal-ish c3 bank

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Not Required
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Yes, but derivatives must be created with permission
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 5'9" (175 cm)

Weight: Unknown

Name interpretation:
Kurei = Clay. Short version for "Clayton" (creator of Kurei)
Shikon = Bluish purple. This refers to his colour scheme.

Personality: Kurei is a very colourful and creative person, and has a optimistic look on life. He's very loyal towards his friends, however does often find himself to feel somewhat uncomfy in social situations, due to both his shyness and social awkwardness. Aside from that, most of his friends also consider him to be quite a dreamer.

Likes: Fish, ducks, cats, musical designs, monotone
Dislikes: Medicine
Character item: Tink (his cat)

Related characters:
- Fushi Murasaki - Crush
- Tiana Shikon - Relative
- Jerika Reioto - Friend
- Logan Hizeru - Friend
- Mierusu Reioto - Friend

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