Kono. Kuon
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Western Name: Kono. Kuon
Eastern Name: 句音コノ。
Kana Pronunciation: くおん この

Gender: Male
Age: N/A

Release Date: August 3, 2013
Group/Team: Kutouten

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Technical Details

Voiced by: Yuuhiko (Ku.)
Managed by: Yuuhiko (Ku.)

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Voicebank Distribution

All download links can be found on Kutouten's official site.

Available as CV (monopitch) or VCV/CV (multipitch)

Available as VCV/CV and CVVC
Whisper voicebank

Also has 22 VCV-only voicebanks, five CVVC voicebanks, five extended voice banks, and three omake voice banks

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Character Details



Birthday: March 13th
Hair Color: red in the front, light orange in the back
Eye Color: red
Clothing: hunting clothes and a long cloth (to hide his face)
Likes: bitter tea, waka poetry, and sunsets
Dislikes: seeing his face

Personality: Kono is usually seen with his face covered as he feels like he doesn't forgive himself. Even though he looks like an elementary school boy, his age is unknown.

Related characters:
- Toku - Same voice provider, seen as intimidating to Kono
- Tono - Animal friend
- Hine Krel - Same manager

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