Kohaku Ise
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Western Name: Kohaku Ise
Eastern Name: 伊勢 子ハク (kanji 'ko' meaning child/girl in front b/c BOi is a funny person)
Kana Pronunciation: いせ こはく

Gender: Female (she sometimes likes to crossdress as a male, which is quite amusing)
Age: 12 or 13 (preferably 13, because she was released only hours before 2014/she is more mature than an average 12 year old)

Release Date: December 31, 2013
Group/Team: ReVoiceLoid (series)

[*isekohaku.weebly.com Official Site]

Technical Details

Voiced by: BOi=su
Managed by: BOi=su

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Voicebank Distribution

Kohaku uses her creator's real voice, creating a raspy yet real-ish sound. As time passes, she will sound older but she will remain 13 until BOi makes a change.
Because she uses her creator's real voice, she has a small range, however she is more suited for mid-low pitch songs.
Her voice is perfectly oto-ed.

Voice libraries can be downloaded at the official site, which is
Look under the Voice Libraries section.
Read the UTAUs section for more info.

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Unknown
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 165cm

Weight: 41kg

Kohaku has a background story (blergh). It can be downloaded and read at her homepage.

Measurements ~ Chest: C / Waist: presumably the same as Scottei
Personality ~ A young genius who understands and speaks 3 languages (Japanese, English and Malay) and knows the basics of 5 others (French, Arab, Chinese, Indonesian and Tagalog). She masters in Science, Biology and fully understands Maths, Additional Mathematics and Modern Maths. She has a slightly pale skin in resemblance to her part-albino mother, and her facial features make her look like a boy if she crossdresses. She may be a cheeky girl who can play tricks on you, but behind her every laugh and smile, she hides her past. She can be happy and the next thing you know, she's upset. She can sometimes be a shy person around her idols and is quite a loner.
When left alone, you might catch her talking with Koha, her 'younger sister' who died.

Likes ~ Maths, tomato juice, naps, engineering (particularly computer science)
Dislikes ~ Cockroaches, her past, people who don't abide rules, racism, oversleeping, homework.

Related characters~
Nana Kurone - Nana brought Kohaku up. They are very close and she likes to tease Kohaku because she gets a funny reaction.

Koha Ise (?) - Sister (?); see her background story on Kohaku's website.

KaiKai Kim - Kohaku is very shy towards her and adores KaiKai's beauty. She sometimes plays pranks around her.

Galvan Ize / Denki Sai - Kohaku's star idol. She wishes to be an inventor like Galvan, and secretly wishes to be his student. (BOi's note: I made you a asdfing genius why would you want to learn how to invent something GO LEARN iT YoURSElF)

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