Kishin Ao Mugen
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Western Name: Kishin Ao Mugen
Eastern Name: 貴紳青無限
Kana Pronunciation: kishin ao mugen

Gender: male
Age: 28

Release Date: January , 2008
Group/Team: KATAloid (カタロイド)

Official Site

Technical Details

Voiced by: KATA (カタ)
Managed by: KATA (カタ)

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Voicebank Distribution

General information/description of Kishin's voice
Kishin is a male, a bit eccentric and clear voice.
Same as with Kyuuyou, deeper songs blend better with him, but he is also capable of sounding good with higher
melodies – both resulting in different moods (deep: shadowy/ tough, high: clear, innocent, melancholic).
Kishin’s voice generally has a “posh” vibe, as he was voice acted to give the impression of an aristocratic, snobbish
person – therefore the opera-like manner of his pronunciation. His ideal genres are classical and opera, but also works
with any other category – especially sensual and melancholic songs.
Same as with KY, he is not best for scream for your life, powerhouse chants (which may be fixed by some kind of
“power voicebank” in the future).

But beyond this description, you are of course free to test him out and experiment with all sorts of melodies.
Maybe you’ll find some new discoveries/something that works while tuning him, that I haven’t figured out yet.
If you wanna, you can even make him sing “Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen” at C0 –
but if your UTAU crashes it’s not my fault.


Voice: 貴紳青無限 / Kishin Ao Mugen - DEFAULT

Reclist, Range, Technical properties:
VCV with CVVC support
Optimum Range: G3~G4 / around 120 BPM
Logical Range (as depicted by UTAU): G1~C6
Freq avg : 276.9 Hz (C#4)

Kana aliased

Files: 755
Voices: 5095
Size: approx. 400MB

Description, Download:
4-Pitch VB recorded in: G3, A#3, C#4, F#4 (In the chord G Diminished)

This is Kishin’s Standard VB/Set of voices.
The Mood/Append reflected in this bank is his go-to/neutral singing voice.

This voicebank includes extras & add-ons.
Further information can be found in the "readme" file.

DOWNLOAD (Google Drive)
DOWNLOAD 2 (Mediafire) [1]

Voice samples - DEFAULT VB
Found here: KATAloid Webpage - VOICEBANKS

For any questions, contact me here: moc.liamg|63diolatak#moc.liamg|63diolatak

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Not Required
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Yes, but derivatives must be created with permission
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details



Catchphrase: “Watashi wa eri o ie ni tsurete kaeru! Donna gisei o haratte mo!
(私はエリを家に連れて帰る!どんな犠牲を払っても! /
I will bring Eli home! No matter the cost!)”

- Kishin setting off to find his missing sister.

Kishin Ao Mugen (貴紳青無限) is a voicebank for the UTAU program.

Profile information

Height: 1,85 cm / 6' 1" ft

Weight: 77 kg / 170 lbs

Ethnicity: N/A

General information

Actual Introduction/Release Date:
(As wikidot does not allow me to enter the correct data)
Release: April 05, 2024
Birthday: Birthday: July 25 (Leo)

Affiliation: KATA (カタ) (concept, art, technical design - creator)

Language: Japanese

Reclist - VCV
Range - Countertenor
Optimum: G3~G4 / around 120 BPM
Genre - Classical, Opera, Jazz, Blues, RnB, Chill-out

Kishin's Webpage
YouTube / Release Song (Cantarella)


A prince struck by blue melancholy.

Kishin is a royal member of a kingdom situated in the south, right next to a wide ocean.
As crown prince of the Ao Mugen noble house, his life since his birth was filled with
excellent treatment, prestige, privilege and a lot of recognition. Everything was pretty
much granted towards him. He was missing nothing. The most expensive clothing, the
finest food, the best teachers – basically the best possible life conditions. He was
supported in his development, being able to fence, play the piano and the violin and have
singing lessons.

Mostly together with his younger sister, Elisabeth Ao Mugen. A sweet, innocent and bubbly
girl, full of joie de vivre. Although Kishin had to keep up with a lot of responsibilities and
was constantly strained, as his family expected much from him, his little “Eli” always
managed to put a smile on his face with the simplest actions. May it be weaving a flower
crown for him, calling him “Kishi” instead of “Kishin” or just cheering for him when he was
training. Elisabeth was all of Kishin’s happiness, that vanished, as soon as she did.
When Kishin turned 21, his 5 years younger sister disappeared all of a sudden,
leaving no trace behind, telling no one where she went to.

No longer was he able to sing together with her. He no longer had the same enjoyment
in music, as he had before.

  • To learn more about the prince, visit his WEBPAGE. [2]

Etymology details - Interpretation
Name: 貴紳青無限 – Kishin Ao Mugen
貴紳 / Kishin – noble, gentleman, aristocratic
青 / Ao – blue
無限 / Mugen – infinite

"Noble Blue Infinity" / "Nobility of the Infinite Blue"

Type: UTAUloid (ウタウロイド)
and KATAloid (カタロイド) in reference to the creator KATA (カタ)

Character details
Description: A tall and slender man, with a rather pale complexion. His hair is
grayish light brown, which he has pinned up at the back of his head to keep the length in
order and make it look neat. He has dark blue, clear, sapphire-like eyes. Kishin is
considered an attractive and well-mannered grand seigneur, who pays a lot of attention
towards his appearance and etiquette. He always appears tidy, clean and well-rested.
He is in great health, making him look overall balanced with an excellent stature.
He has well-tended skin, always looks after his hygiene and is overall pleasant to look
at and be around.

Outfit: Kishin is pretty much never seen, not wearing his official royal uniform.
He wears his family’s garment with pride and a sense of responsibility, knowing
he constantly represents the prestige and dignity of his noblehood. Prussian blue is
the signature colour of the Ao Mugen family, the same hue his jacket is coloured in.
Combined with golden refinements and sapphire gemstones, to give his garderobe
an extraordinary high-class look. Purple ribbons and white ruffles complement his
already elegant and elite aesthetic. He carries with him his rapière, stuck in an adorned
scabbard Kishin wears at his belt, ready to use it in any given moment. His remaining
outfit is held quite simple, consisting of white trousers and black boots barely reaching
his knees. The length of his hair actually goes way beyond his shoulders, which is rarely
seen as he usually pins it up with a clip matching his clothes. Although keeping it short
would be more comfortable for him, he refuses to cut it. He does not state the reasoning
behind this quite clearly. He is probably hoping for the day, when his little sister will plait
his hair again. Kishin does not really like wearing any other clothing, especially if it’s plain
or even low-quality. However, there are situations, where he can’t run around in public
looking like a royal man, as it would draw unnecessary attention towards him.
Therefore he has to compromise sometimes…unwillingly.

  • For more details regarding Kishin’s appearance, please take a look at his reference sheet linked below (Gallery).

Likes: His noble life, luxury treatment, fencing, reading, theater, playing music
(piano and violin), singing - especially opera, being praised, kind and tolerant behavior,
common sense, all kind of cats (lions, tigers, little kitties), adorableness/cuteness
(basically sweet stuff), cakes, his family –
especially his younger sister
Dislikes: Being exposed to low quality/dirty environments, being scolded,
being pranked, dispute – especially within the family, rudeness, stupidity, wishful
thinking/unrealistic thinking, arrogance – especially within women
Item: Rapière
Biggest Dream: Making his sister happy.

Kyuuyou Chuudoku – fellow KATAloid and younger sister
Eli – fellow KATAloid and (even) younger sister

- Kishin never refers to his sister’s new name, at least not voluntarily. She will forever be his little Eli.
- Kishin loves his little sister above everything. He would do anything for her. He wants to
avert any harm directed towards her, even if that means sacrificing his own life in the
process. No matter where she goes, he will follow. He will never allow any ruffian to come
close to her. Whoever dares to touch her in an immoral manner, will get to know the
sharpness of his Rapière. Kishin seeks nothing more than his little sister’s attention.
He yearns for the day, when she will call him “Kishi” and “Nii-Chan” again. After all,
she is his beloved and precious Imouto-chan. Although Elisabeth states, that this will
never happen again.

[1] Please note that the configurations, frq.files and .wavs of my
banks are a work in progress. The oto.ini has been adjusted for 1 Pitch and copied for the
others, so there will be deviations. You are of course free to make any adjustments
yourself to improve your experience. Otherwise you can also just let me know if there are
severe issues.

[2] Kishin's personality traits and story do not have to be followed when covering songs or making original songs.
You can go as far, as just treating him as a mere voice or even create variations of him.
However, derivatives of my characters need my written approval.

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