Kerra Lunameadow
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Western Name: Kerra Lunameadow
Eastern Name: Lunameadow Kerra
Kana Pronunciation: ルナメドーケラ

Gender: Female
Age: Ageless

Release Date: January 8, 2023
Group/Team: Infinite Novella

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Technical Details

Voiced by: Beckrex
Managed by: Chi

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Kerra Lunameadow (Kenon when masking as a human) is a fairy from the moon. Once in charge of managing the barrier to her kingdom, she ensured no human could see their world. After speaking to the rulers, she was able to go to Earth on a vacation of sorts. She needed to gather data from the many humans that lived there. However, she enjoyed it so much, that she decided to stay.

Kerra took a job at a local farmer's market and performed with her guitar on the side at various festivals. Though both never paid well, she never once complained. Up until she was discovered by two of the members of Infinite Novella, she was living in a small hut in the woods. She later quit those two jobs and is now a full time member of mentioned group.

Acting as the motherly figure, she will do her best to ensure the overall health of each member is at its peak. She finds herself worrying constantly about them and will never stop even after hearing that they are doing well.

Voicebank Details-

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Voice Style: Mature, Feminine
Best Range: Mezzo-Soprano
Best Resampler: Moresampler
Optimal Flags: BRE0Y0H0C99c99B0b0F1L1e
Optimal Genres: Any
Oto by: ryankun12

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Character Details

Height: 5ft 7in

Weight: N/A

Name: Kerra Lunameadow
Age: Ageless(Appears to be 27-28)
Height: 5ft 7in.
Weight: N/A
Race: Lunar/Moon Fairy
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

Likes: Snow, stargazing, her friends, flying, all animals, blue, sweets, singing, reading romance novels.
Dislikes: Hot foods, bitter foods, mint flavored things, bugs, horror movies, being yelled at.

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