Kaiserine Sympherianne
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Image by Munawwar Azmi (sketch) and Casita Override (line art and coloring).

Western Name: Kaiserine Sympherianne
Eastern Name: カイザーリン ・ シンパリアン
Kana Pronunciation: Kaizarin Shinparian

Gender: Female
Age: Unspecified (appears as a 24-year-old young woman)

Release Date: March 13th, 2012
Group/Team: Casita Override

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Technical Details

Voiced by: darschnellern
Managed by: Casita Override

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Voicebank Distribution

Kaiserine Sympherianne_ELIRIZENTH is CV/tandokuon-encoded, with several non-Japanese phonemes mixed together with Japanese phonemes. Despite being created primarily for Windows UTAU, the voicebank might be usable for UTAU-Synth (UTAU on Mac OS) as well.

It is recommended to use rendering flag setting B0Y0C100 with bkh01 resampler on UTAU software for better voice rendering result. The voicebank can be downloaded from the official website.

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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 5.7 feet (173.74 cm)

Weight: Unknown

Full Name: Kaiserine Sympherianne Override
Elemental codename: Thornessa (thorn sound in conlang)
Birthday: February 21st
Species: Melody-hacking humanoid artificial intelligence with botanokinesis-esque voice
Nationality: Walpurgisean (citizen of Walpurgisnacht microstate)
Supported Languages: Japanese, Malay

The characteristics of her personality have been abandoned in favor of creative pursuits. However, she is generally known for having a well-balanced personality despite being emotionless at a glance.

More information regarding this character can be found here: https://www.casitaoverride.net/override/thornessa

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Image by Casita Override

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Image by Nata-senpai

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