Junjie Yu
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Western Name: Junjie Yu
Eastern Name: 余俊杰
Kana Pronunciation: ユー・ジュンジエ

Gender: Male
Age: 23

Release Date: November 13, 2020

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Technical Details

Voiced by: Providence Polyglot
Managed by: 実偽Migi

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Character Details

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 136 lbs

Likes: Studying, observing, reading, trying new foods, animals, traditional instruments and clothes, grace and elegance, traditional and modern styles of music and dance

Dislikes: Lying, cheating, perverts, vanity, fighting and brutal behaviors, being wrong, bitter flavors, unnecessary conflict and tension, getting in trouble

​Junjie is a studious young man with an honest and optimistic outlook on life. He is particularly enthusiastic when answering questions and reciting facts. However, whenever he is wrong, he becomes very embarrassed and silent out of frustration. He is very hardworking to the point where he is considered to be a perfectionist and he may argue that things must be "just right". While Junjie seems to be mature and wise, he is also innocent, gullible, sensitive, and oblivious. Because of this mindset, he is often found doing favors and schoolwork for other people without realizing he is being taken advantage of and believes that he is truly helping them. However, if aware, it is likely that he is doing it to avoid causing trouble for himself and other people.

Junjie does not have any siblings but he tends to be a brother figure to others. He loves traditional outfits and music, and values elegance and gracefulness. However, this does not mean that he is "out of touch" with modern styles. He enjoys the genres and fashion of the present as well. He is also ambidextrous.


  • Bijou the Starling Bird – Familiar; A bird Junjie rescued after he fell from a tree when young. They are close friends. Bijou enjoys singing along with Junjie and the other members of JAE VOCAL PROJECT.
  • Hannelore the Ghost Cat – Familiar; A once-lonely cat who met with a horrible demise many years ago and haunted humans. She took a liking to Junjie after he showed her nothing but kindness. It is difficult to build trust with her and she often is attempting to scare people she doesn't know well.
  • Xiao Meihua - friend. Meihua is a very forgetful person and has trouble studying. Junjie takes the time to help improve her memory skills and tutor her.
  • Ser0 - Friend; Often falls for Ser0's mischievous pranks and tricks. Still respects her.
  • Canary - Friend; Junjie is easily fascinated with Canary's status as an alien who lived for at least two-hundred years. Would ask too many questions about his origins and space.
  • Xiao Shancha - Friend; While the pair have great respect for each other, Junjie tends to fuss over Shancha too much. He also attempts to stop her from investigating JD, finding her claims of his "evil-doings" to be absurd.
  • JD - Friend; Junjie doesn't believe there's anything suspicious about him.
  • kEna - Friend; Junjie is often helping and treating kEna whenever he injures himself due to daring behaviors.

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