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Western Name: Joca
Eastern Name: ジョカ
Kana Pronunciation: ジョカ

Gender: Genderfluid (Any pronounds)
Age: ?

Release Date: March / February, 2021
Group/Team: FNV

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Technical Details

Voiced by: JocaPelt
Managed by: Uptown-P & JocaPelt

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Voicebank Distribution

Joca currently has 2 voicebanks, although more may be planned if the VP wants.
All databases are configured and edited by UpTown-P, and managed by Uptown-P along with the voice provider, JocaPelt.

The database will not be released under any circumstance unless consent is given from Jocapelt themself.
To contact about the usage of this database or character, please message @kevinsynthv or @jocapelt on Twitter.

resampler; moresampler
flags; eoMb-100
1 pitch cv with a masculine, poppy and solid tone. The very first voicebank recorded for Joca.
romaji w/ hiragana aliases
download: Private

resampler; moresampler
flags; eoY0H0B0C99A6g-3
1 pitch cv with a neutral and calm but appealing tone. A re-recorded version of Joca's very first voicebank.
romaji w/ hiragana aliases
download: Private

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Forbidden
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Forbidden
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Forbidden
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Derivatives of any sort are forbidden
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 172cm

Weight: Varies


👤Joca is often unpredictable and does things out of the blue, however he always means well. Joca spends most of her time around her best friend, Springy. She loves to crack jokes to lighten a low mood and to his close friends, Joca is a witty, although passionate person, especially for those around him.

👤Joca can become easily bored, and as a result of this many of their actions can be spontanious and chaotic. Due to this, Springy and Joca grew close as the two share many things in common.

👤Joca is quite secretive about his past, even if he doesnt remember much from it. Springy seems to be the only person to know Jocas true origins as the two had a very strong bond from "back then". Because of this, she is often portrayed as careful or quiet sometimes.

👤Joca is also very invested in pop-culture/meme culture.

👤It is hinted that Joca has a crush on Springy, Cotton and Tomi, however its unconfirmed.

💖Pass time

👤Joca spends most of their free time with Springy, the two are always seen together and are portrayed as inseprerable. Joca heavily involves themselvs with Springys experiments and outings.

👤In their private moments, Joca spends their time with Tomi and Cotton personally to hang out and have fun, usually much more toned down from what he does with Springy.


Way back when, Joca was known by the name of "Lilith" and was the very first human to be created. She very close to the God of War, however she was banished to a far away place called the 'void' and was never intended to be seen again due to the complications in that lead to her creation.

She became one with the darkness that had corrupted her mind. This being was then known as 'PR0T0'.

A lot of time had passed, and PR0T0 was starting to explore earth. It came across a home that had a very familiar feel to it. Occasionally, PR0T0 would stalk those who came in and out of the home, slowly changing its appearance to fit that of whom it had seen. Slowly but surely, PR0T0 had become 'Joca' and now resides in the home it had once stalked.

💖Facts and Trivia

👤Joca is associated with the color cyan, as well and muted and mono-chromatic color schemes. Joca is also associated with 'the cyan Imposter from Among Us'.

👤Jocas item is a knife with a wooden handle, which was hand made by Cotton as a welcome gift when he had first entered the home.

👤Joca loves their close friends very dearly, and sometimes comes off as very protective over them. Joca will usually go out her way to prove this.

👤Jocas favourite food is raw ramen, pear fruits and plain rice.

👤 They despise the phrase "sussy baka" as it will cause them extreme distress.

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