Inga Majimono
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Western Name: Inga Majimono
Eastern Name: 蠱物インガ
Kana Pronunciation: マヂモノインガ

Gender: Male
Age: Adult

Release Date: September 13, 2020

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Technical Details

Voiced by: packet/digidevi
Managed by: packet/digidevi

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Character Details



Name meaning: 

蠱物 = something that leads one astray; the work of demons

インガ = cause and effect; causality

Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Height: 5'5" | 165cm
Sexuality: Gay
Eye colour: Red
Hair colour: Green
Skin tone: Sickly pale


Rock music
Umami flavour
Cool animated gifs 

Modern internet

Character item: White chocolate


Although at default, Inga seems to only show a somewhat blank or smug expression, he actually has a hard time controlling his emotions thanks to errors in his 'code', and can only experience emotions at 100%, though usually all of his feelings are mixed with anger a little bit, even when he's crying or excited. He's annoyed easily by others, but gets on other's nerves quite easily himself, having such an intense personality. Inga is a bit weird and can scare other's at times, but often he does it on purpose. He's a little bit crazy and mischievous, and can also be a bit mean, usually on purpose.

He hates how dull the internet has become since his time, and spends a lot of his time on mostly abandoned forums, and likes to pick fights with people on any social media because he thinks it's funny.

Inga's devil tail is based off a mouse cursor, and he can pick things up with it, but it's strength limited to what he could pick up with his own arms.


Inga was originally a demonic entity who was sealed away within a computer, by having his latin summoning scripture converted into html and rendered into a program. He was mostly stuck within one computer, but could travel the net and cause problems. Some time around the beginning of 2010, the computer he resided in was replaced and Inga was stuck 'sleeping' within it until some time in 2020, the computer was picked up by a new owner who collected old tech and refurbished it, awakening Inga again. At some point, the new owner found his code and reconverted it back into latin, with some accidental changes, and Inga was brought into the real world once again.

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