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Western Name: HN-SYING
Eastern Name: héngxīng
Kana Pronunciation: 恒星

Gender: Ambiguously gendered
Age: old

Release Date: January 17, 2020

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Technical Details

Voiced by: 豆腐喪死
Managed by: 豆腐喪死 / Steelemissary

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Voicebank Distribution


•Japanese VCV_β•
A pentapitch 7mora VCV with extra sounds. Recorded on the voicers old mic, so quality isn't assured.

•Japanese VCV•
A pentapitch 7mora VCV with extra sounds. Recorded as an update to her β core.

Further languages will remain unannounced until her core is released. Usage of them can be found on the voicers soundcloud and youtube accounts.


•Rainy Day VCV_β•
A tripitch gentle append that was sang rather than spoken during recording.

•Hail Storm CV_β•
A guttural screamo append recorded in the style of 破壊音マイコ.

Further appends will remain unannounced until her core is released. Usage of them can be found on the voicers soundcloud and youtube accounts.

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Not Required
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Derivatives of any sort are forbidden
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 6'4"


Full name:
Never given a proper name, simply a code name as HN-SYING
Locals on earth misheard it as héng xīng, or 恒星
If pronounced phonetically, it sounds like the above.
Ambiguously gendered, she/her pronouns.
Species: Alien
She wasn't born on the gregorian calendar and thus has no official birthday to celebrate. However, she was designated a holiday during the summer solstice so she celebrates June 22nd as her birthday as an excuse to party and "have fun with humans"
Likes: Having fun, Sleeping, Hunting, Birds, especially birds of prey, Singing, Attention, Eating good food, Making her friends happy
Dislikes: Remembering her past, Responsibility, Being bored, Being serious, Actually having to think for more than 5 seconds about anything, Sweets, Being called a dog, Being asked about her species or who she is, or anyone actually knowing

TZVUN-FN: Her elder brother that she is attached at the hip to and aggressively loyal to. She regularly makes sweets and pastries to bribe him into buying her video games and other misc bullshit she wants.(voice by steelemissary)
Bixibite: Her girlfriend. Met by total chance and really adored how cute Bixi was and wanted to hang out with her more. Sying genuinely loves bixi after they got past their rocky start. Would do anything for her.(belongs to kittidere)
Nuru tsurai: Tiny smol chaotic crechur that sying loves to cause problems with. (belongs to diesel™️)

-Voicer shortens her name to "sying" for ease of access. pronounced like xīng.
-Plays the Erhu.
-Loves singing
-An incredible cook but an even better baker.
-A great hunter, Sources all her meats and vegetables and fruits she cooks with herself.
-Her and Tzvun are treated as an urban legend while also revered as gods by old people who still practice the religion that centers around them.
-Loves extra spicy takis and just general spicy foods.
-Also loves coffees and teas.
-Owns a MASSIVE amount of birds of prey, Including 2 dragon vultures.
-Sometimes repeats herself in intervals of 3, Such as "Wait wait wait, No no no!!!!" or things like that.
-Clothing style can't be pinned down, But she tends to show skin to keep herself cool.
-Has no real concept of money and tends to blow it on people without any regard.
-Loves video games A LOT.
-Sleeps in random places, typically high up and suspended.
-Cares for a massive koi pond. Really loves all animals, but likes fish, frogs, and birds the most.

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