Hazuki Mitsuwa
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Western Name: Hazuki Mitsuwa
Eastern Name: 三津和葉月
Kana Pronunciation: みつわはずき

Gender: Female
Age: 19

Release Date: December 7, 2016
Group/Team: Bengal Studios

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Technical Details

Voiced by: RueCross
Managed by: huehuehuebuu

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Voicebank Distribution

Voice Information

Range (recommended): D#4-G5
Genre: Acoustic, Pop synth, Anime/Vocaloid
Language: Japanese
Pitches: G#4
Supported resamplers: utaugrowl (resampler_ug/exe)
Default character flag: F50B60g3


VCV is still under oto revision. Please contact the creator for a download link if you wish to use it.


  • JP CV (monopitch)


  • JP VCV (monopitch)

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Not Required
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Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Yes, but derivatives must be created with permission
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details



Species: Vocalis vulgus fortis (UTAREN Humanoid — Athlete type)
Prototype/Model Number: P2500-Bi
Height: 1.70 m
Weight: 68 kg
Likes: Reading, movies, animal plushies
Dislikes: Horror movies, money management, noisy places
Handheld item: Handwoven hat & teal ribbons
Exit/Birth: Plattin, February 15 2063

"Uwaaah-! This note is too high!"

Hazuki is not your common brawler— she resorted to peace and harmony, singing for freedom! After years traveling from place to place, she finally settled in a remote village somewhere in Andes and absorbed its customs. She is more than happy to lend her voice for you!

Some story points:

  • Hazuki was built to be part of an old Plattinish Ren project that got disbanded during the beginning of the Ren war. She was re-purposed into sing-only duty until the day she dies.
  • Before moving to Andes, her name was western— Hailey Marrows. She became one of the oldest village residents.
  • Due to the epigenetic mark in her subspecies that causes defects, Hazuki does not have earlobes by default. Despite so, her auditory senses remain unaffected. On times when her hair is required to be tied up, it is safe to assume that she glued fake ones on beforehand.
  • Hazuki moved in to the Nakamura household, taking care of [| Tokofe] . [| Takano] is her fiancee.
  • She works at the same restaurant as Takano's, always singing with the jazz crew.
  • She is a Kyuni witch, responsible for healing. It's not very apparent, as she only keeps it to herself and Tokofe.
  • She is often singing with [| Kenji] , because he always stops by during her shift. (But it's very likely that he's skipping school.)

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