Hatori Longshadow
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Western Name: Hatori Longshadow
Eastern Name: 羽鳥・ロングシャドウ / 羽鳥・長い影
Kana Pronunciation:

Gender: Male
Age: 3 cycles (looks like ~39-40 y.o.)

Release Date: July 27, 2015
Group/Team: Fractured hope co.

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Technical Details

Voiced by: Hikk-kun (previous) / Dima Tumaly (current)
Managed by: Sabishi-i

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Voicebank Distribution

Bundle of Japanese VCV (Core, Fear, Nice), Russian CVC (Fear, Nice) and English Arpasing (Nice): https://www.mediafire.com/file/43umpcz25qy65q5/Hatori_Longshadow.7z/file
[Core] is somewhat normal tone, [Nice] is very whisper tone, [Fear] is the midst. The most accurate towards character is [Fear].

Act 1-3, VCV 2 and 8 mora are unavailable now.

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Character Details

Height: 180cm

Weight: 77kg

Pre-Shado arc.
-Et in Arcadia ego sum-

Born in a small village named Arcadia, in a family of a man and a succubi; so, even being a half-blood, through mother he gained his incubus abilities to feed through people's pleasure and possibility of minor regeneration and healing. Quite a bit later he opens in himself ability of teleportation on small distances, and through years practiced it a lot to increase this skill.
He had a strong connection with his father, but due to him being L-ray, a man, who's ability and curse was freeing others from curses through letting them through himself, he fastly passed away by committing a suicide. That day, when he found him hanged on the oak's branch imprinted in Tori's memory for a long time; he tried to remember how lighthearted and cheerful father was at home, and he just couldn't realize why things turned like that. Much later, he will notice same traits in himself - he'll act like a cheerful fool at public and take his mask off only when he'll be all alone.
His mother always wanted a better future for him, however, she didn't show that well - due to her authoritarian character she rarely shown her admiration of Tori's success moments, usually paying attention only at his fails, mentioning that he's working not hard enough. It also made a mark in Tori's character: he used to reach his goals whatever it takes and he can't stand someone's speech about how they disappointed in him. The second fact goes through all steps: denial, anger, bargaining, acceptance and, finally, quite a depressed state.
At his 16th he moves to the capital, where tries to became a knight, and through some years of being a henchman of one knight, he reached his goal as he got some recommendations from him. So, at his twenties he takes a place in the royal guard. And at the same time fell in love with the princess Sharlott.
He tried his best to reach her heart, but always got denied, so, one day Tori killed Sharlott in a state of affect and had to start his long time hide-and-seek game with government as soon as he realized what he done. He was successful in it for quite a few years, but finally caught and imprisoned. In tortures there he lost his right hand and his left part of face was damaged by a singe. When he was almost on his deathbed - his last hours before execution - a weird-looking man with a fish nose and fins appeared in front of him and offered him a deal. Tori had nothing but agree. DUAUO, how the man called himself, gave him an ability to manipulate time to reach the goal of the deal, and at first, he truly started to search ways to complete it when escaped from the prison. However, he fastly realized, that he can use this ability not only for the deal completion and fixing different issues, but also for travelling through time seeking for Sharlott's reincarnation, who will love him, so finally he'd be able to stop somewhere to create a family he dreamed about. In trying to combine his teleportation ability with gifted ability of time manipulation, Tori trapped into Shadowsgone, where he met the guide of Shadowsgone. Their first meet wasn't too long, but left a bit unpleasant opinion about each other in their minds. That was also the case, when Tori started to doubt in accepted deal for the first time.
However, travelling through time and space predictably wasn't a safe thing: about four times he met himself from other realms. Some of them were peaceful and even ended nice like Demian, who taught Tori the magic of morok and helped him to create a projection of lost hand and hide his burnt part of face, there was some, when he become in between of life and death, like after meeting Seth.
Way more later, lazily seeking ways to complete the deal, he realized that the final of it will be not pleasant for him at all: he understood that DUAUO wanted him to erase the realm of Arcadia, what meant that Tori will have to destroy his word of origin and his own existence by his own hands. Even being a half-incubus, Tori always loved himself and put his own preferences higher than other. So, he started to seek ways to fool DUAUO and erase the real demiurg of Shadowsgone instead of himself. To that time he already found Roma Perov, the weak boy with Klainfelter's syndrome, the last reincarnation of Sharlott. However, even if it was easy for him to fool Roma, instilling him that he loves him, years spent together started to change boy's character. After him taking new name - Ronnir - Tori started to feel that he begun to be much colder with him, like if princess'es soul awakened. At the same time, Tori started to suffer from nightmares, in which DUAUO remembered him about the deal, and noticed changes in his lost arm and phantom pains at the back, where his wings were. Finally, he creates a plan of getting Shadowsgone's power in his hands and surprisingly succeeds with asking Avier to betray DUAU. After pushing Avier into fresh random world, Tori makes a deal with NN, learning from him the magic of creation, and then rewrites the Shadowsgone story, creating a city under the dome and calling in "Shado". Then he fixes his own memories and enters this escapist's realm.

Shado arc.
-Deus ex machĭna-

He is an executioner of red part of Shado. Cunning and dodgy, can be very polite and pleasant if situation requires it. Usually plays as "city fool" and often exceeds his authority. Elder brothers often told to him that his mother would be strongly dissatisfied with his behavior. All questions about his family will make him take his mask off and become cold, strict and disgruntled person.

Was born at the cycle of Pale sun in Shado in the family of Shadromancer and her ward dreamer. His mother decided that he will be unlucky and almost abandoned him, and long time he was left to himself. He was taught by streets and a bit by his father. Due to the fact, that feelings between shadromancers and dreamers are forbidden, his family travelled a lot.
At the end of cycle of Pale sun Evgraph died, and all what left from him - small flacon with few drops of his blood (now this flacon is the most valuable thing for Hatori). After that Hatori realized that he has powers to destroy shadromancer's materia and souls. At the cycle of Sky sun Hatori was found by Heiden Ortvick and trapped into consul's hands. Onica's Curse explained to him, how he can use his abilities and asked him about work as executioner of Cog to protect normal citizens from ghouls. Hatori accepted this and become executioner of Cog with fake name Alter.
After some time gone he realized that work is kinda boring thing and first time exceeded his authority. Then these cases apeeared more often and ended with huge mistake - one day he killed a dreamer, Roma Perov. At that time he had a small friendship with consul of Green part, Evangeline's Credence, and had only one decision - ask Evangeline to revive Roma as a shadromancer. He sucseeded and long time didn't see that shadro, who named Ronnir. Long time he did such crimes rarely, but failed again - when he met Kairel, he consider him as a girl (due to Kairel's long hair and thin traits) and with lies brought him to Cog. When Willow Yamaraja detected, what happened with his grandson, even Onica wasn't able to help Hatori. He was judged by Gerda Karoo and lost his right hand, then he became a Kairel's slave through a small mistake he make in the text of red thread oath. Long time he rejected any romantical feelings, but finally realized that pretty attached to Kairel. They lived together, exploring weird events which happened in Cog, and Hatori even helped Kairel when his former ward-dreamer Avier had to keep connection with his world after being revived as shadromancer. Due to the fact that Kairel lost all his memories about Shado when was in that world, Hatori used this chance for small revenge and a bit turned Kairel's life into hell, what made them enemies in frames of Avier's world. Quite a bit later Tori notices some changes in Kairel's character even in Shado, like he knows something, and then Avier in the ordinary phase of glitch told him the truth about him merging Kairel's core spark with core of Shadowsgone just a few moments before he accepted Tori's deal about betraying DUAU. He doesn't want to believe in it, as it brings fear in his heart, however, the next try of editing Kairel's memory ended with Kairel entering the room of his own memory for put all dots above i.

Post-Shado arc.
-Acta est fabŭla-

It looks like Shado, but don't believe your eyes. Realm is rewritten again, but finally Tori reached all he needed within his heart - he took Kairel's offer about creating a real family, so, when Kairel accidentally erased Shado from Shadowsgone, Tori tried not to make same mistakes as he did in the previous version of it. Finally, they return to Tori's apartment and adopt two kids to live happily ever after.

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