Hisoka Takahashi
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Western Name: Takahashi Hisoka
Eastern Name: 髙橋密か
Kana Pronunciation: たかはし ひそか

Gender: Male
Age: 16

Release Date: August 30, 2019

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Technical Details

Voiced by: Johannes
Managed by: karasuhana

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Character Details

Height: 6'0 ft

Weight: 9.2 stone

Name: Hisoka Takahashi

Age: 16, sharing an "immortal" soul. Acts older than he is.
Personality: Calm, Collected, Brave, Daring, Over-protective; Affectionate.
Loves: His sister, his boyfriend, Hair and Makeup, Sweets.
Likes: Treating himself/his family, Writing, Playing guitar (bass).
Dislikes: Rowdy people, people who resort to fighting, small animals.
Phobias: Fear of failure, death.

Hisoka, a reserved and cautious man, lives a seperate life from everyone around him. While his circle of friends enjoy causing trouble and drinking, Hisoka prefers to spend his time designing outfits, helping his mother with cooking and such-like. As such, Hisoka dreams of becoming a world-famous fashion designer, and while this dream has not yet been reached, he instead spends his time collaborating with his friends in a four-man band, making outfits for their gigs.

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