Golnar Attar
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Western Name: Golnar Attar
Eastern Name: گلنار عطار
Kana Pronunciation: ゴルナーアッター

Gender: Female
Age: 17

Release Date: March 13, 2018
Group/Team: Pokeloid Luna

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Technical Details

Voiced by: Pokeloid Luna
Managed by: Pokeloid Luna

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Voicebank Distribution

Golnar currently only has a VCV voicebank, though more are planned in the future with Persian relating names

Link to her voicebank:

~New Voicebanks~

Golnar Attar Peri Append (Provides a gentle, some-what passionate feminine vocal)


Golnar Attar VCV 2.0 (An updated VCV bank)


Golnar Attar Tri-Pitch CVVC (A Tri-Pitch/Tone bank meant to handle different genres of music and improve on Golnar's range.)


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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 5ft 5in/ 1.65m

Weight: 140 lbs/ 63.5kg

Details about Golnar Attar:

Originating from Persian royalty, Golnar was bored with her life, except when she was with her best friend, Tsugumi Mino, another royal from a neighboring kingdom. "Being a royal honestly sounds…intimidating. I can't be expected to rule an kingdom! No matter how much I try, I always seem to fall short of the mark anyway…what do I do?" Until one night, Tsugumi came to Golnar and whispered a plan. "I don't want to be a royal either. You know this. Why don't we just escape and, I dunno, become idols? I've always wanted to be an idol. The singing, the dancing, the fans, it all seems so very exciting! Will you join me? I can't do this without you, Golnar." The princess thought for a short while. "A-Alright, I'll do my best for your sake, my good friend." And so, the two princesses escaped under the cover of darkness, far far away from their kingdoms. And now, their legacy begins to unfurl before their very eyes.

Likes: Pomegranates, cheese, playing video games, spending time with her friend, Tsugumi, chocolate, Persian dishes, memes, card games, mythology and old fashioned clothing.

Dislikes: Anyone who upsets her friend, Tsugumi, conflicts, being nagged to do something, work in general, large crowds, Tsunderes and presentations.

Extra: Golnar is very overprotective of her friend, Tsugumi and will treat her to the equivalent of a "Precious cinnamon roll". Golnar is incredibly blunt, considerate, artistic, mature and has an "old soul" kind of personality. Originally, she was opposed to the idea of becoming an idol with her friend because she has stage fright, but with her friend around, she can accomplish much more than what she believes. Has confidence issues. Her name, Golnar translates to Pomegranate flower and Attar roughly means perfumer or scent.

Moral Alignment: True Neutral
Character Item: Pomegranate
Official Birthday: January 4

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