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Western Name: N/A
Eastern Name: N/A
Kana Pronunciation: じんじー

Gender: Male
Age: 210

Release Date: November 11, 2012

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Technical Details

Voiced by: GJYYNGII
Managed by: GJYYNGII

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Voicebank Distribution


For all current voicebanks:

Japanese, VCV, 7-mora
This is his natural voicebank. Voicebank was oto-ed by a good friend, villadia (aka chibi-veggie). The pitch is G3

GJYYNGII Mild Append ver. β
Japanese, VCV, 5-mora.
This is an update of my old CV voicebank "Mild Append" made back in 2013. This one has a much softer tone than the older version. The pitch is C4

GJYYNGII 力 (Chikara)
Japanese, VCV, 2-mora
This is a power voicebank. Pretty useful for rock songs. The pitch is A#3

GJYYNGII Shiver Append
Japanese, VCV, 3-mora
This one has a much quieter tone than "Mild Append". I would recommend using the breath flags to make him sound a bit whispery. The pitch is D#3

GJYYNGII Excelsior
Japanese, VCV, 8-mora / English, VCCV
This is my first ever voicebank to be bilingual. "Excelsior" has somewhat a solid tone. It also comes with 6 pitches (Japanese only). Special thanks to Legol for helping me with the otos. The pitches are D#3, E3 F3, G3, A3, B3, and C#4

Japanese, VCV, 12-mora
The latest voicebank of GJYYNGII. It rather takes up a bit of a deep and mature tone as the other VBs. The pitch is C#3.

Japanese, CV
Released as a 6th anniversary special.

Japanese, VCV, various mora
This pack comes with 4 voicebanks: "GJYYNGII Δ II", "GJYYNGII Mild Append ver. γ", "GJYYNGII Shiver Append ver. β", and "GJYYNGII 力 1.3".
Δ II is 7-mora
Shiver Append ver. β is 3-mora
Mild Append ver. γ is 5-mora
力 1.3 is 2-mora

Discontinued Voicebanks

- Act 1 CV
- Mild Append CV

TBA Voicebanks

- Uprise (Korean VCCV)

- AMPliFY (4-pitch 7-mora VCV)

Terms of Use

R-18 Content Allowed? Forbidden
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Forbidden
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Forbidden
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Derivatives of any sort are forbidden
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 170cm

Weight: 73 kg


(pronounced jin-ji) (mostly called 'G', or 'GJY' for short)
Gender: Male
Species: Emoter
D.O.B: Sept. 22nd
Height: 5'7" (170 cm)
Weight: 145 lbs (65 kg)
Item: Stereotypical laser gun
Sexuality: Bisexual
Color overview: Lime green
Name meaning: Not known
Voice/Designer: GJYYNGII
Range of voice: F#2 - A5
Friends: Speedy Torane (best friend/like a brother), Karomori (close friend), Won Hoyurine (fellow friend), Harold Inune (creation), Axel Raione (creation) Akimori Tellnerin (close friend), Nukupoid (close friend), Row Kemonone (fellow friend), Kabe Pierce (uncle/good friend), Heartly Ximune (good friend/badass UTAU), Vixen Kitsune (close friend), WALTT (good friend), Ryu Drakita (close friend), Drayo Ryuune (good friend), Ritsu Namine (great crossdresser), Tei Sukone (funny/favorite yandere person), Judeth (his bae), his fellow backup dancers
Enemies: Defoko, Momo Momone, Teto Kasane, Rook, Ruko Yokune, Ted Kasane (all of them are alien hunters)
Type: UTAUloid/ALIENloid
Likes: Hanging out with his friends, Morning Musume (favorite Japanese female group), VOCALOID, people who can be trusted, any genre of music, other alien species, anime, manga, animals, dancing
Dislikes: Alien hunters, liars, bullies, his friends getting hurt, eucalyptus (main weakness), nightmares, traitors, witch-hunting, false accusations, losing data, images that would make his skin crawl

Good side: Lime green skin, black hair, brown eyes, big grey glasses, a shirt which has an C clef on the right, and a bass clef on the left. Headphones with tiny mics in the speakers, and a long jacket with the numbers "9-22" on the back.
Bad side: Same design, except that he has dark greem skin, black fingernails, and yellow eyes with slit black pupils.
Alternate: A sweater without a zipper, "9-22" in the front of his sweater, and speakers on he sweater.
Additional info about GJYYNGII: GJYYNGII is an intergalactic idol and the main leader of the Emotarian group called "Z.E.O". He made his solo debut a while back in Emotaria before the group formed.

GJYYNGII is the first ALIENliod of UTAU.

GJYYNGII sometimes referred as GJY or G. He's also in a bright mood, and sometimes a bit clumsy.

He's good friends with Speedy Torane, almost like a brother. He always hangs out with his alien friends, and his UTAU friends. G's alien species is an Emoter, and he came from the planet, GeoWorld. If he gets ticked off, you really don't want to see the dark side of him. Things will go pretty ugly.

He can be paired up with any UTAU/VOCALOID, but not with Defoko, Momo, nor Teto. Anything that's R-18 is strictly prohibited. Roleplaying is not allowed either, but fanart is alright for me. Also, commercial use is strictly prohibited as well. Do not claim this voicebank as yours, or we will have problems. Making him dress as a girl/giving him female roles are not allowed.

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