Feng Zhaoming
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Western Name: Feng Zhaoming
Eastern Name: 照明风
Kana Pronunciation:

Gender: Female
Age: 18

Release Date: January 22, 2023
Group/Team: Vyro Virtual Singers

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Technical Details

Voiced by: 炎上悪魔
Managed by: 炎上悪魔

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R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Not Required
Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Yes, even to derivatives created without permission
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Voice Sample(s)

Character Details

Height: 5'3

Weight: 115 lb

Virtual Singer
照明风 | Feng Zhaoming

-Character Information-

・Name Meaning: Illumination Wind
・Nicknames: N/A
・Birthday: 3/3
・Gender: Female
・Pronouns: She/Her
・Physical age: 16
・Mental age: 16
・How old do they look?: 18
・Species: Fox Demon
・Race: Asian
・Nationality: Chinese
・Sexual orientation: Any
・Height: 152.4 cm (5'3ft)
・Weight: 52.1 kg (114 lb)
・General body health: Average
・Body cleanliness: Average
・Skin type (fur, scales, skin, …): Fur
・Fur colour: Pale green
・Fur texture: Soft
・Markings: Around both eyes
・Marking colour: Red
・Blood type: B+
・Iris colour: Mint (Right) Pale Mint (Right)
・Pupil colour: Dark Blue (left) White (right)
・Sclera colour: White
・Hairstyle: Messy
・Hair length: Short
・Hair texture: Soft
・Natural hair colour: White
・Dyed?: No
・Any highlights or accessories in the hair?: Green streaks
・Well kept?: Yes

・Likes: Hunting, assassination, sleeping, singing and killing.

・Dislikes: Being around a lot of people, public area's, water and big dogs.

・Abilities: Able to generate faster than human, but has it's limits. She's able to scense other inhuman beings (Such as Kemonomimi's and Regular Demons). She's also able to generate green flames however she wants. Feng can also generate her weapons however she pleases. She can also turn into a full blown fox.

・Weapons: A long, sharp edged polearm.

Dream job: N/A
Nightmare job: N/A

What is their favourite-

・Colour: Green
・Animal: Fox
・Food/dish: Rabbits
・Dessert: Mice
・Drink: Water
・Alcoholic beverage: N/A
・Taste: Bitter
・Smell: Woody/Resinous
・Season: Winter
・Place: Tokyo
・Holiday: Halloween
・Plant: Camellia
・Clothing style: Techwear, Punk

Do they have a particular reason for liking the above (the most)?: They peak her interest.

Were they member of any clubs?: N/A
Other memberships: None
Other things they did in their spare time: Exploring the woods and finding new prey.

Mind and personality:
Feng is a mysterious one. She doesn't talk about her self very often. She was born and raised down in the underground or as othes may call it, "Hell." She was tasked to kill Setsuen Arashi, but her first attempt was too no avail. She trains everyday, hoping to get stronger so she can do what she was tasked. She can't help but have a soft spot somewhere, but she buries it with her hatred. She acts like she doesn't need anyone, but deep down inside, she's scared and sad. She honestly doesn't want to be alone, but if she doesn't do her task, then something real bad will happen.

In general, who or what influenced their personality to become as it is now?: N/A

-Love Information-

Love life: Single
How easily do they fall in love?: No
How many lovers have they had?: 0
What personality are they looking for?: N/A
Have they been used before?: N/A
Have they used someone before?: No

Sex life: No partner
Opinion on sex and sexuality: Any sexuality (up to the user).
Are they still a virgin?: Yes
Can they go without sex? For how long?: Probably the rest of her life.
Would they have a one-night stand?: No
Are they experimental?: Probably not
Preferred position (dominant/submissive/don’t care/switch): Don't care
Sexual turn-ons: N/A
Sexual turn-offs: N/A
Sexual practices they refuse to do: N/A

-Mental Information-

Fears: Astraphobia (Fear of Storms)
How bad are they?: Bad
How were they influenced in this?: N/A

Mental/emotional traumas: Abuse
Why?: N/A
How bad are they?: 1/100: 95

Worst thing that can happen to this character: N/A
Best thing that can happen to this character: She can finally kill Setsuen Arashi

Mental state: Low
Sanity: 30%
Mental illness(es): Depression
Why?: Due to the things that have happened in her life
Are they getting treatment?: No

Passive or aggressive personality: Between
Self-control: Has some self control
Stress resistance: None
General temperament: Usually calm
What angers them?: Anything that annoys her
Insecurities: N/A

Privateness about personal life: Very private
Secrets: Her life
Darkest Secret: (Ask 炎上悪魔 to find that out :] )
Why?: She thinks its no one's concern.
How do they feel about these secrets?: It is what it is.
Does anyone else know their secret? If yes, how did that person find out?: No
How would they react if this secret were to be known?: She'd slaughter them.

Adventurousness: Yes
Bravery: Yes
Predictability: Yes
Responsibility: Yes
Self-reliance: Eh-
Tidiness: Yes
Manners: No
Cheerfulness: No
Tolerance of others: Eh-
Generosity: No
Loyalty: Eh-

When do they feel at ease?: Out taking a walk in the woods.
When don’t they feel at ease?: During storms.
What embarrasses them?: N/A
What depresses them?: Her life
What makes them laugh?: Screams of humans in pain
What makes them cry?: Her life

General intelligence/smartness: High
Sense of touch: Good
Sense of vision: Good
Sense of smell: Better than humans
Sense of taste: Good
Sense of hearing: Better than humans, but is very sensitive

Related to the character

Date of creation: 11/28/2022
For what reason?: Just for fun
Did you make the design?: Yes
How has the design changed?: Slightly

Do you roleplay with this character?: YAS
Do you draw the character?: YAS
Does the character appear in any stories? If so, in which?: My own XD
What's this character's role in the story?: Side character

・Lore: It is up to the user, though 炎上悪魔 does have their own lore in mind. If you want to hear it, just ask them.

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